Work With Us

We’re going places. We want you to come with us.

Here at DigiResults we don’t think that marketing should be a dirty word — recommending a product to someone that you genuinely think they will find useful and getting paid for doing so isn’t evil. And that’s just what DigiResults is: an affiliate network that tracks all this and makes sure that everyone gets paid at the time of sale.

We want smart software developers to join us in our central London office and help make our network better. A typical day might involve writing code to integrate with third party APIs, to respond to PayPal transaction update messages, or to track clicks to provide better data to our users. That and drinking copious amounts of tea.

We recognise that recruitment is a two way street. It doesn’t matter how much we want you; you’ve got to want to work here. Here’s why we think you will:

We don’t run on VC: DigiResults has been built by geeks, with no outside investment. You’re never going to have some rich guy whose only experience of developing is owning a DVD of ‘Hackers’ tell you how to do your job.

We’re on the cutting edge: we’re developing the most advanced marketing network in the business and we’re doing it right. We have one-click build and deploys, automated tests run after every commit, and we score 10 out of 12 on The Joel Test. (We’re looking to hire a tester next, and as soon as we have enough people to do hallway usability testing we’ll do that too.)

We’re not just another tech start-up: we’re here to stay. We don’t have VC because we don’t need it – we’re already turning a profit. That means the network you help build will be permanent. Five years from now, you’ll be able to point at DigiResults and say ‘I did this’.

We give you to resources to succeed: you get top notch equipment too: every developer gets a MacBook Pro with as much RAM as it’ll take and a 27" Cinema Display.

But that’s enough about us. Let’s talk about you. If you’re a recent graduate looking for a paid internship or an undergraduate student looking for a summer placement then we want to talk to you. We understand that you may not have previous experience of working in a commercial environment, so we only ask a few things:

  1. You’re passionate about what you do – you live and breathe code

    You love to create things. You’re expert in at least one language and you’ve got a little knowledge in others, even if it’s just to read and make simple changes. You’re smart, and you’re happy to admit it.

  2. You’re a developer, not a programmer

    A programmer writes code. A developer solves problems, and you do it because you enjoy it.

That’s it. That’s all the really important stuff. Sure, in an ideal world we’d like a few other things, but if you think these paragraphs describe you we’d like to hear from you. This is our wish list – it’ll help, but it’s not essential:

  1. You’re familiar with version control

    We use Git but we just want you to be able to use and talk about any sensible VCS.

  2. Experience with Ruby or Rails is a bonus but by no means a requirement

    It’s good to have a headstart, but we firmly believe that a smart developer can pick up a new language quickly. All you need to have is the willingness to try.

If this sounds like you then don’t hesitate to send us your CV and covering letter. Feel free to include links to any public code or projects that we can look at (GitHub, ruby/python/perl modules, etc.). Please include “Software Developers” in the subject line and send it to no later than 31st January 2012.