Vendors: Sell With Confidence.

We’ve made launching a product easier than ever before.

Here are just a few reasons why DigiResults is the best choice for your next product launch.

Immediate Payments: Both vendors and affiliates get paid at the point of sale. You get paid on every sale directly into your Paypal account. With most “instant commission” solutions, if you set the commission to 50%, you get the first sale, the affiliate gets the second sale and so on.

With DigiResults, both the vendor and affiliate receive immediate payment at the point of sale. So if you offer 50% commissions, the payment is immediately split between you and the affiliate.

More Options: We allow you the freedom to build your business on your terms. You can offer affiliates anywhere from 0-100% commissions. You can offer a 60-day guarantee or no guarantee at all. Your products can be digital, physical or both.

Instant Affiliate Exposure: When you join DigiResults your product is put in our marketplace giving you instant exposure to affiliates. Telling affiliates they receive immediate payment is a great incentive to get them to promote your product.

No Signup Fee: You can upload an unlimited amount of products, and there’s no sign up fee. Vendors simply pay a .50 + 5% (.25 + 7.5% on sales less than $10) transaction fee on every sale.

Instant Signup: Click here and have DigiResults help you sell your product within the next 5 minutes.

Automatic Clickbank And PayDotCom Integration.

Want maximum affiliate exposure for your products?

Would you like to try DigiResults but you’re already set up on Clickbank or PayDotCom?

Why not leverage all 3 to maximize affiliate exposure?

DigiResults allows you to use our system, Clickbank and PayDotCom at the same time.

You simply paste a simple code we generate on your website. When a Clickbank affiliate refers a visitor, the customer will be taken to a Clickbank checkout, so the affiliate always gets the commission, no matter which network they’re promoting through.

If they refer a customer through PayDotCom, the customer checks out through PayDotCom.

And if it’s a DigiResults link, the customer checks out through DigiResults.

This ensures that your affiliates will always be credited for their efforts, no matter which platform they’re promoting.

Even better, it allows you to easily leverage affiliates from all 3 networks, tapping into a massive pool of affiliates and maximizing your exposure.

When a visitor comes to your site without being referred by an affiliate, DigiResults takes over as the default processor and you get paid immediately into your Paypal account.

Is Paypal Safe For Your Business?

Paypal  itself is perfectly safe.

What has caused problems in the past are the systems that people use to turn Paypal into an affiliate program.

With traditional “instant commission” scripts, the commissions are rotated and in many cases the customer will think the affiliates Paypal address is who they should contact for support…

Or  Paypals IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) are slow to arrive, leaving the customer without a product and often leading to refund requests.

Our Direct Receipt Technology solves those problems for good.

Everyone gets paid. Customers only see the vendors support email. They never  even know an affiliate referred them.

This makes sure everyone gets paid, support emails go to the right people, and the customer always receives their product, even if Paypal’s IPN is running slow.

What About Refunds?

Refunds are part of doing business online.

Vendors have total control over refunds. You choose your own policy. When a customer requests a refund, they’ll contact your support email.

Once you grant a refund, our Direct Commission Technology automatically reverses the money from both your account and your affiliates account. You’ll never worry about affiliates promoting and then disappearing and leaving you with the bill when a customer requests a refund.

Unparalleled Support.

We’re not some faceless corporation.

DigiResults is ran by real people. Real marketers just like you. If you ever have any questions or concerns, or need help with anything at all, we’re only an email  away.

We understand how important support is. We know how frustrating it is to have your questions ignored.

That’s why every email we get is replied to within 48 hours, usually in less than 5 hours. And you’ll never get a “canned” copy/paste email from us, we’re here to answer any questions you may have, and to ensure that DigiResults provides the best service and user experience that it possibly can.

Why Choose DigiResults?

  • It’s free to get started.
  • It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up.
  • You get paid the moment a sale is made.
  • Your affiliates get paid the moment a sale is made.
  • No more headaches from Paypal’s IPN.
  • No merchant account required.
  • Instant affiliate exposure.
  • Physical or digital products.
  • Run your business on your terms.
  • No waiting around for weeks just to get paid.
  • Kunaki integration for automated product fulfillment. (Coming soon).
  • Instant product approval.
  • Detailed analytics and tracking. (Coming soon).
  • Instant affiliate exposure.
  • 100% risk-free.

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We’re taking a different approach to marketing online.

An approach that makes it easier than ever before for both vendors and affiliates to make money. An approach that allows you to get the affiliate exposure of a large network with the convenience of Paypal.

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