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When I first started reading this guide, I thought "this is solid information". But as I read on, the thought changed to "this is AWESOME!!!". There's some seriously good stuff in here. Resources I didn't know about combined with some great strategies make this a must-buy in my book.
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My Review

I class myself as a quite experienced marketer, and have done quite well with my own sites, now having read Jawad's WSO i have to say i am impressed, this WSO will offer no miracle procedure to get your sites ranking 1st page, however it has lots of useful methods that combined work really well, i have have purchased many WSO from here but i have to say this is a combination of many all rolled into 1, and ill tell you now that if you implement what Jawad has written you have no problems getting your site noticed and fast.

This is a well written WSO which is good for the new, to the intermediate and advance marketer, there is something for everyone, and some great tips on obtaining those special links along with some great tips for Facebook (i learnt a lot there).
Originally Posted by mediac
The "Secret Seo Blueprint" my unbiased review. The first thing I would like to say is, Wow! As I read the relevant content early on I started to under estimate few of the familiar strategies I already knew. But what I was not prepared for were the many I did not know. And man oh man, I'm glad I continued reading on. Jawad Secret Seo Blueprint is in three words, short and sweet. He keeps it simple enough for the novice to understand yet fruitful enough for the advance to run straight to their keyboard to implement the newly found secrets that are rare to the majority. Excluding some very small typos it's a must read and a no fluff approach. If you choose not to get it, your competition will crush you into non existence in your marketplace. Get it, apply it, and kick some ass. Oh BTW, the resources alone are worth the read, you can believe that!
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I got a review copy.
This is genuine and step by step guide to ranking high on search engine. This is a must for newbie. It simply set up up on the right path.

It will still be a refreshing read for experienced SEO warriors and much more than that, you will definitely find couple of new resources which adds to your SEO ARSENALS.

On the scale of 10, i will give it 8.5.

I happen to have concentrated my effort on SEO and some of the stuff are not new to me.

It is a great product and do worth to be WSO of the Day.
Dear Warrior, I can understand how frustrated you are because of Google's latest panda and penguin updates that they role out every year saying it's data refreshment. And your site's goes from top to nowhere in the search engines. I can feel your pain because I have been struggling like you till than I figured out how to rank any site in the search engines easily.

Now I have created a complete step by step formula that will rank any site no matter how competitive your niche is.
No matter how many Pandas and Penguins are being roled out by Google now.

Do you want to learn how? Then keep reading to know what is in it for you.

Here are the features & benefits of my Easy 12 Steps Successful SEO Technique for you.

Step 1:

How to find RIGHT Buyers Keywords in less than one minute with the help of a simple Google search.

Step 2:

How to choose the RIGHT domain name for your keywords, which Google loves and will prefer you on your competitors.

Step 3:

How to write user friendly, SEO optimized contents for your site which Google likes and how to do On-page SEO properly. If you do it right, you will have an immediate edge on your competitors.

Step 4:

How to force Google to crawl your site immediately. So, Google crawler will index your site within few hours.

Step 5:

How to make a SEO Optimized Facebook Fanpage which will give you FREE targeted traffic and SEO benefits in the same time.

Step 6:

How to setup a SEO Optimized Twitter account which will give you FREE targeted traffic and SEO benefits in the same time.

Step 7:

How to Create a SEO Optimized Youtube Channel. So, you will get targeted traffic from Youtube and search engines as well.

Step 8:
The best free and paid press release sites to get immediate exposure for your site or product and become an authority in your marketplace.

Step 9: The best social bookmarking sources to bookmark your site for long term traffic and better Serp rankings.

Step 10:

How to make a workable non-detective Link Wheel. Most of the people are doing it wrong. I will even provide you the list of ALL of those FREE sites. So, you just need to publish your contents there but according to my method.

Step 11:

The BIG list of good article directories for you to publish your articles to get back-links and direct traffic to your site but according to my method.

Step 12:

A list of 117+ .GOV PR1 - PR8 Actual Pages links for you to place your anchor text back-links with some special tips to use them. Along-with a simple search query which will enable you to get such 100s of 1000s of links within minutes.

What about bonuses?

Off-course you will get bonuses as well.

Here are the bonuses for you.

Bonus 1: Eight pages PDF containing Secret Sources to submit your Press Releases, Articles, Bookmarking & for back-links for a very cheap.

Bonus 2: Two Do-Follow blog search engine sources.

Bonus 3: A list of micro-blogging sites like twitter for bombing your links. These sites have high Alexa rankings. I will even provide you a tip which will automate the process of posting your links on those sites for FREE.

Bonus 4: 25 unique one way link building strategies.

And many more secret tips to boost your rankings fast & easily.

So, it becomes Secret SEO Blueprint or better if I say successful SEO Technique.

So, how much you will have to pay me? Actually with the high value in my Secret SEO Blueprint, that can get you a high Google ranking, I could easily charge $197, but, this is a Warrior Special Offer, I will ONLY charge you $37 (Actually it's a dime-sale, 1st come, 1st serve.) So, don't wait, click the buy button below now because price is increasing after every sale.

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Originally Posted by Oggyoi
Jawad has produced a great report here.

This is an
in depth piece of writing without being too full of technical jargon. He explains the basics and does so in an easy to follow logical sequence, which is covered over 29 pages, which includes some nice snippets and secret bits of advice at the end.

Added to this the 6 page bonus report, this is a
really good WSO and it is good for both newbies starting out and also for people who could use this to do a check of their own site and campaigns.

I've personally learned some information and tips which was new to me, which will be implemen
ted within the next few days.
Originally Posted by marketingstatic
Thanks Jawad for the opportunity to review this WSO.

I finished the review today and although its allot of whats been put out there before if you have been doing this for a while I would say its a great WSO for the people that are new to the SEO game. However there are some great links to sites he recommends that could be worth the price of the WSO on their own.

Spelling and Grammar errors don't really bother me as long as the content is good and I have to say the content was well laid out with simple to follow steps which this was. Highly recommend this if you are looking for a refresher or have no
t been doing SEO for a while.
Originally Posted by simonbuzz
Just finished reading the eBook and all I can say is that I am amazed how much good information this eBook provides...I learned some new techniques that I was missing. I will recommend this eBook to all the people that are looking for a way to rank high on the serps after the panda update..
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A very good step by step SEO guide, suitable for people at any level. It covers all the bases and is packed with useful links to, article directories, .gov sites, high PR sites [worth buying for this alone] etc.

This is a useful guide for anyone wishing to learn or improve their SEO knowledge in order to rank their sites highly and quickly.

Well done Jawad
Originally Posted by GoranSol
Very informative, to the point detailed SEO-guide. You don't need to be a expert to understand it, and all the links and resources are alone worth the price!

Good guide, highly recommended!

Still Not convinced? Read More RAVE Reviews Below!

Originally Posted by FredJones
Hi Jawad,

Thanks for the free copy. I have gone through the main material as well as the bonus guide now.

Your material is sound. It covers some of the most important parts of SEO. I like the fact that you also give long lists of article directories, and high PR sites otherwise. The gov site list that you have given (I am yet to go to it) seems to be invaluable sheerly because of the page ranks you mention in the guide.

I also liked the coverage to social media that you have given, including the detailed explanation including steps of the certain aspect of Facebook that you mention. The Twitter part that you cover is also good.

To-the-point on-page SEO guideline is also impressive.

So if you are looking to sell it to people, go ahead. It is a good one, and starters will be highly helped by this. Good for intermediate level SEOs
Originally Posted by colmane
i just read the book and i think the book is gorgeous in a sense that it explains some details of SEO.
Originally Posted by matflawless
Personally I find the guide very useful, interesting tips as well as a lot of excellent resources, I'm grateful for being picked as reviewer and I'm sure this will be a great WSO, information included doesn't disappoint the reader instead everything is definitely a great boost for your work!

Excellent work Jawad Ashraf !
Originally Posted by cheekugames

I really like the WSO its an excellent WSO in the sense that it really captures what really works in the field of SEO, although if one were to invest in all the link building measures that he has suggested it can cost a bit , but if one is willing to put the time in it its really great info in there.

Also he has suggested free tools that can be very useful as well.

Of all WSO's that were up for a free review at start, this is probably the best one and one in which most effort has been put. So great work and keep coming up with more useful info in the future.

Thanks for the review copy again.

Originally Posted by vapsjee
Hey, thanks for the review copy.

The e-book is 29 pages and the bonus is 6 pages. This is great for people who want to learn the basics and advanced part of ranking the sites. Jawad teaches it all - how to find buyer's keywords, how to do proper on page optimization and off page optimization.

But mainly he concentrates on off page optimization - he teaches step-by-step what to do and where and what and when. With this and bonus, all keywords can be ranked.

Great WSO!

Originally Posted by razorhound
Just finished reading and all I can say is that it is very straight forward and newbie friendly. Jawad pretty much tells you what to do step by step from keyword research, on-page SEO, linkwheels to social media promotion (and more). I like the list of resources as well especially the .gov list.

However, there are some spellings and grammar errors that you might want to take a look.


Originally Posted by dhpkc
Here is my review:

Let me first say there is nothing "secret" about this blueprint. That said, it is very well laid out and if you do everything he says you will be able to rank sites. If you have never owned or built a site before, you will need a bit more guidance in the building of the site (installing wordpress, choosing a theme, etc.). If you are comfortable getting a site started then you will be good. If you follow the off page SEO closely you will be GREAT. The off page SEO (link building) that he goes into is EXCELLENT and will help you rank sites even with moderate to moderately heavy competition. He covers all angles of link building and the strategies he teaches are very sound and very effective.

All in all if you are brand new, I would suggest getting this EBook but holding off on reading it until you have dabbled a bit in the IM world. If you have tried out the waters of IM a bit then this book is perfect for you and I would highly suggest you get
it and starting implementing what it teaches now.
Originally Posted by povchef
Well I just finished reading the main report and this is a fantastic take you by the hand SEO guide. Even if you know nothing about SEO just by following this guide you will be putting your website on the right path. 10 out of 10
Originally Posted by zackpow
Easy to follow and implement. Even covers how to rank with higher competition keyword phrases. Definitely a great guide to help you find buyer keywords and rank your websites for those keywords. I found some good advice that I haven't been following and will implement right away.
Originally Posted by seanromero
I’ve had the privilege to review Jawad’s WSO SECRET SEO Blueprint.

Jawad will show you from scratch how to take a website and get it ranking high in the search engines. He will reveal his methods for optimizing your websites with proper keyword selection & SEO strategies. In addition using the power of social media platforms and link wheels, this must be done correctly or you'll be doomed from the start.

The content is very easy to understand and implement. After reading the Blueprint I was surprised to find out that Jawad shares his highly guarded PR Links source plus a bonus in the other PDF report with more link juice resources such as .edu and .gov and these are Do-Follow links I might add. This WSO is well put together, you also have full support form Jawad.


Sean R.
Originally Posted by TheDebtEliminator
I have had a chance to go through Jawad’s report … Secret SEO Blueprint

It was delivered in .PDF format and is 29-pages in length.

The bonus was delivered in .PDF format and is 8-pages in length.

aa excellent list of sources that you can use for low-cost linking services.

Jawad draws from his successful SEO history experience … Teaching with using a step-by-step manner.

Many folks on the forum are looking for answers on how to rank their sites highly after the Panda update

Some of the things that are covered are …

Keyword selection … To maximize your targeted traffic for buyers.

Selecting the best domain name to help maximize your rankings in the search engine.

Creating content and optimizing it ... that will keep your potential buyers on the site and looking to buy.

On-site SEO and how to optimize it for a top ranking

Off-site SEO procedures that Google will like.

Where to find the highest ranked PR sites that are relevant to your content and link to them.

A very nice list of sites that you can consider linking to is included.

In my opinion, this report contains some very solid information on applying effective SEO after the Panda update and is reasonably priced.

All the best … Ron
Originally Posted by wtatlas
I was pleased to obtain a review copy of this guide.

First off I was impressed with the way in which the author gets straight down to brass tacks. There is no time wasted on "filler" material, just a wealth of solid and useful information.

What I liked particularly is the way in which the author has put his own slant on a subject that has had much written about it already, so that even those who have been around the block a few times will probably still find something useful here.

Another useful aspect of the report is the step-by-step method of implementing the information. It is easy to follow, even for a relative newcomer to SEO.
Note: Spelling and Grammar errors corrected, by English professional!

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