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What is Audio Video Spinner?

Audio Video Spinner is an innovative solution that enables you to create just about any promotional clip. It relies on an extensive library on thousands of sounds and phrases. The audio isn’t computer generated- real actors are responsible for all of the voiceovers. The final result will sound natural, convincing and highly professional.

You simply need to choose a theme (a script) from one of the hundreds available. The library focuses on topics in nearly 50 distinct fields, which means you’ll find at least one great possibility addressing your marketing, audio and video creation needs.

The process to follow is simple:

Choose a niche.
Choose an actor.
You’ll get a spun version that is made manually, rather than through the use of software.
Decide how many videos you want to make and start the process.
The audio is ready! Now you can go to the next step.
Alternatively, you can use a video clip that you want to add the script to.
Don’t have a video? There’s nothing to worry about! The software features ready-made videos. Enter your URL and company logo and watch Audio Video Spinner do its magic. You’ll get a fully-customized video that features your brand identity elements and comes with a professional


1-This software works on MAC?

No, this is a window desktop software but you can install it in a VPS and access to the software from your MAC.

2-What kind of media include the software libraries?

The software include the voice of professional actor, footage videos from top popular niches and generic ready-made videos

3-How work Audio Video Spinner?

The software has stored thousands of words and phrases professionally recorded by voice over actors. When you select an actor and niche the software pick a spinned script from the library and synchronize the voice of the actor with the script. You can produces unlimited videos using the same actor because every audio ad will be unique.

The software will use the audio spinned file to add the sound to the footage videos selected by you.

Also the software has generic ready-made commercial videos ready to uses in your business. Audio Video Spinner will add your URL and logo to the videos.

4-Can I use my own audio or video?

YES, you can use your own audio or videos.

5-What kind of models actors can I use?

You will have Access to actors of all racial backgrounds and with all kinds of clothing.

6-Are these actors convincing?

We have hired the best and most professional actors for both voice overs and video. You can be sure that every single one is going to meet your expectations.

7-How many words and phrases can I get with the basic package?

You will get over 60 thousand word and phrases that have been recorded by professionals.

8-Is it difficult to install the software?

The setup process is extremely simple and all you need to do is click the .exe file and follow the simple installation steps.

9-How many combinations can be made?

The amount of combinations that you can create with the videos and the audio files is nearly endless. That is the beauty of the product, you will have plenty of resources to choose from.

10-Are any of the voices computer generated?

Not a single voice in this software has been generated by a computer. They are all real human voices.

11-Will I have plenty of options per niche?

You can have very distinct differences for as many videos as you create. The look, the audio and the logos you use can easily be changed with a few clicks of the mouse.

12-Can I use your videos with my own voiceovers?

Yes, you can incorporate your own audio to the many promotional video clips that we have. Not all of our videos have actors talking at the screen. Some of them have casual footage that can be used for all kinds of niches.

13-How does the video match up with the audio so well?

There is very Smart technology in this software that is going to match the audio and video perfectly. All you have to do is choose your available files and mix them. Then the software will take care of the spinning.

14-Can I get my own watermarks on my videos?

Yes, the software will add watermarks to your videos. You can add the url to your site or your company logo.

15-Is there a way for my audio mixed to come out making no sense?

There is no way you could combine things that make no sense. The software is going to ensure that you are not able to do this. The end results will always have perfect flow and it will make perfect sense.

16-Do I need to edit the video to get the final version?

No, the software will take care of all the editing for you. This software is meant to do all the work for you and you only have to wait until it renders, which is usually a very quick process with any decent computer

17-What are the system requirements for the software?

There are no system requirements to worry about. Most computers even with old P4 processors could handle the software, but obviously the rendering speed would be slower.

18-Can I use this videos to promote CPA and PPC campaigns?

You can use the videos for any purpose you want. Our videos are so professional that they are ideal for YouTube campaigns and internet marketing purposes.

19-Do I need editing knowledge?

No need for any knowledge on audio or video editing. The software will do it for you.

20-What kind of support do I get in case if software installation problems?

You get full support from us. Just send us an email and we will be more than happy to help you out.

21-Do I have a money back guarantee?

Yes, we are so confident that our software provides top quality results that we are willing to give you a money back guarantee of up to 30 days.

22-What is the learning curve on the software?

It will take no more than a few minutes to become a master of the use of this software.

23-Do I get a lifetime license with my purchase?

Yes, you can use the software with no time limitations once you make the purchase.

24-Are there any known bugs I should now about?

The software Works without any reported bugs that might interfere with the performance.

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