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10 PDF Guides
2.5 hours of high quality content

This comprehensive AdWords course has been specifically designed for business owners who want to:
Learn how to research, develop & manage profitable AdWords campaigns
Take control over your spending and return on investment
Know how to effectively monitor and optimise your campaigns

An AdWords course designed for business owners and their staff.

We’ll start with the basics; what Google AdWords is, how the advertising networks work and the factors that result in your adverts being displayed to the right audiences, at the right time.

With your grounding in the fundamentals of Adwords complete and a full understanding of how to navigate properly within your account, we will move on to how to:
Identify the most profitable keywords in your market
Limit wasted clicks with carefully chosen negative keywords
Structure your Adwords campaigns properly to ensure high ad rank and quality scores
Boost advert performance with dynamic content

At the end of this section you will have both a plan and the tools ready start developing your first optimised campaign.

Once built the campaigns will need calibrating and precisely targeted to ensure your adverts are only served to audiences with a high chance of engaging with your business. These steps include:
Targeting specific geographic locations
Serving your adverts at the optimal times of the day
Marketing to previous visitors to your web site with remarketing
Testing ads and landing pages with A:B split testing
Boosting your ads performance and ROI with campaign optimisation

This course will give you and your business a comprehensive step by step guide to getting most out of Google AdWords. Whether you want to train you and your staff or simply have a reference you can use any time to help you get better results on advertising.


You can use this course in 2 ways:

As a complete step by step guide to researching, developing and optimising winning AdWords campaigns. Perfect for teaching yourself or your staff valuable new skills.

As a digital handbook that you can refer to or download at any time either on your mobile, tablets or PC. Whenever you need a helping hand on AdWords, you can use this course to find the right answer and direction.


I am one of the UK’s most experienced Certified Google AdWords trainer & consultant, with over 6 years of experience helping hundreds of businesses to build and manage more profitable PPC campaigns.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me, i’m always happy to answer questions, give advice and tips.

Kindest regards,
David Black


Over 39 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
Expertly research the most profitable keywords in your industry.

Develop AdWords campaigns to a professional standard, that focuses on helping you meet specific, measurable commercial goals for your business.

Develop AdWords campaigns that are structured properly, have high quality scores and ultimately give your business a competitive advantage over other advertisers.

Use the full range of tools available to manage and optimise your campaigns, driving up your return on investment each month.

Improve your marketing on Google by implementing powerful tips and tricks that help you save money while driving more leads.

Use your new knowledge to take control over your PPC marketing, maximising your businesses chances of success.
Credit your account with a free £75 voucher, to help launch your brand new optimised AdWords campaigns.

Use the lecture as a “handbook for AdWords” within your business, able to refer back to it, whenever you need it.

Section 1 – Advertising On Google: Core Principles

Lecture 1: Intro: What Is Google AdWords? (07:14)
Lecture 2: How Google Organises & Ranks Competing Adverts (07:27)
Lecture 3: The Search & Display Networks (04:22)
Lecture 4: The AdWords Account Dashboard (12:55)
Lecture 5: Live Demonstration: The AdWords account dashboard (05:04)
Lecture 6: Optimising Your Landing Pages To Improve Quality Scores (04:10)
Lecture 7: Keyword Match Types (07:40)

Section 2 – Building Your AdWords Campaigns

Lecture 8: How To Research Profitable Keywords (05:55)
Lecture 9: How To Structure Your AdWords Campaigns (06:07)
Lecture 10: Live Demonstration: Adding keywords (03:44)
Lecture 11: Live Demonstration: Adding negative keywords (02:07)
Lecture 12: Writing Winning Text Adverts (07:07)
Lecture 13: Dynamic Keyword Insertion Tokens (06:00)
Lecture 14: Ad Extensions (06:17)
Lecture 15: Live Demonstration: Ad Extensions (05:05)

Section 3 – Remarketing On AdWords

Lecture 16: What Is Remarketing? (04:15)
Lecture 17: Live Demonstration: Setting Up Your Remarketing Campaign (03:40)

Section 4 – Campaign Settings

Lecture 18: Campaign Type (02:25)
Lecture 19: Networks (00:52)
Lecture 20: Devices (00:40)
Lecture 21: Location Targeting (02:18)
Lecture 22: Languages (01:02)
Lecture 23: Bid Strategy (5 slides)
Lecture 24: Delivery Method (3 slides)

Section 5 – Performance Tracking

Lecture 25: Live Demonstration: Setting Up Conversion Tracking (03:00)
Lecture 26: Live Demonstration: Linking AdWords to Analytics (03:22)

Section 6 – Managing & Optimising Your AdWords Campaigns

Lecture 27: Optimising Your AdWords Campaigns (12:49)
Lecture 28: AB Split Testing (02:18)

Section 7 – Glossary

Lecture 29: Ad Group (Text)
Lecture 30: Ad Position (1 slide)
Lecture 31: Ad Rank (8 slides)
Lecture 32: Click (Text)
Lecture 33: Click Through Rates (CTR) (Text)
Lecture 34: Daily Budget (Text)
Lecture 35: Keyword (Text)
Lecture 36: Impressions (Text)
Lecture 37: Quality Score (9 slides)
Lecture 38: Relevance (Text)

Section 8 – Extras

Lecture 39: Free £75 AdWords Voucher


No experienced required. The course starts with the basics and moves on to more advanced topics towards the end.


Business owners who want to use AdWords to grow their businesses.

Business owners who want to have more understanding and control over their spending on Google AdWords.

Business owners who want to train themselves and their staff to control their AdWords marketing in house.

Business owners who want more knowledge and insight into Google AdWords when dealing with their PPC marketing agency
Business owners who want a handbook for their business that can be referred back to whenever you need it.

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