Facebook Profits Classroom

I'm a Facebook marketer myself and have run many campaigns to build my list and sell products as an affiliate.

My course - "Facebook Profits Classroom" is a comprehensive guide showing how to get started creating a Fan Page and first Facebook Ads.

It comprises of a PDF guide to get started with tips and tricks, and 6 step-by-step videos including -

Fan Page Creation.
2 videos on Ad creation (types of ad and how to create them).
Using Audience Insights to find the target audience.
Using Graph Search to find target groups.
Finding offers to promote.
Bonus video on how to use Teespring.

Course also includes a set of 9 Facebook Fan Page covers to get started.

The course is mainly aimed at newbies to Facebook marketing and it's done in a very easy to understand way.

So far the testimonials I have got back have all been fantastic. Everyone mentions how easy it is to understand, and packed with information.

At this low price with a 30 day money back guarantee, it's priced very fairly.

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