Psychic Seduction

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Introducing the unspeakably easy way to use the overwhelming mind control telepathic techniques...

Psychic Seduction 6. Deploying cutting edge subliminals, guided meditation, mind altering harmonics and tomatis effects, this 20 minute mp3 program takes the guesswork out of mental telepathy... and puts you in the Commander's chair of irresistible thought transfer... whether your target is in another room... or another continent. It's mind control at its finest

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Mental Telepathy is a natural skill. We were born to it, but as we grew older and relied on conventional speech, we gradually lost this amazing faculty.
Nonetheless, science has proven that with the proper mind state, we can effect a reasonably clear transfer of thoughts and impressions... in the minds of others. Mind control is possible!

Psychic Seduction Activates Chi Energy!

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