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Ascensions exist to raise your consciousness and your vibrations to higher dimensional awareness. This process can be freely accomplished through many visits to the ascension seats.

With every visit to an ascension seat gain wisdom and the vibrational essence which is unique to that ascension seat. Over twenty ascension seats exist, calibrated to endow multi faceted dimensions of conscious awareness and growth on your evolutionary journey. Each ascension seat is governed by an Ascended Master, who is an Entity of Light and with motivation to witness your growth.

Ascension seats resonate with vibrations that allow you to tap wisdom which infuse you as you sit in the ascension seat.
Numerous seats beckon to you from various levels. This includes your planet, your solar system, your galactic, your universal and multi-versal level. It is vital to commence your visit the ascension seats starting with your planet. Allow your vibrations to increase and , you may begin to visit other ascension seats.

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