The Complete Sherlock Holmes + 13 More Books by A. C. Doyle

An e-book anthology containing the Complete Sherlock Holmes Library (four novels & 5 Collections of Short Stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), plus an another thirteen of the most popular books written by Doyle. These include science fiction, mystery, medical fact & fiction, historical novels, tales of adventure, etc. and many of the volumes are illustrated. Holmes is a character who has never gone from the public's imagination – just check out the recent movies & TV show! The offering page for this anthology includes FOUR free downloads of partial volumes to get your customers interested in having the entire package. At the end of each free download, there is a link that will bring them back to the DigiResults order page, where your cookie will insure that you get the credit for the sale. The e-books included in this package are each provided in SIX different formats, so anyone with an e-reader, tablet, smart phone, or computer can use them.

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