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1-Auto Poster: This software post automatically in autopilot all your ads in craigslist

2-Auto Reposter: This software repost all expired ads

3-Supports Multiple Cities: This software post your ads in multiple cities ate the same time

4-Supports Unlimited Projects: You can add unlimited projects

5-Supports Unlimited accounts: You can add unlimited accounts in each project

6-Delay Timer: This feature protect your accounts and ads

7- Add,view,edit and delete projects

8- Retrieve States,cities,categories and sub-categories automatically: You don't need to enter the name of cities because the software retrieve this data automatically

9-Support Spinned text (title and body): You can enter a spinned title and ads to post an unique ad with each account

10- Collect the urls of ads posted: You can download the report of all ads posted

11- Supports Public Proxies

12-HideMyAss VPN integrated: This software changes automatically you IP through before to start to use each account.

13- Account Maker: Creates unlimited accounts (you don't need to use phone verification)

14- Email harvester,sender,auto response: This software havests title,body and email address of every ads published in craigslist in a selected category. Then the software sends automatically an email (auto response) to every email address promoting your business. If you select "YES" the software include automatically the title of the ads in the subject of the email to make sure the client will open your email.

15-Futures features: I am working on many new awesome features.

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