Corner Peel Monetizer

Did you know that a corner peel plugin can earn you money on your websites/blogs? Well, it's the truth, and it happens for me daily. The Corner Peel Monetizer brings a new and easy OPEN LIGHT to all your website/blog pages in an instant. Now you can be in your website visitors face without annoying them, but yet they MUST click, because you have triggered a well known human response: CURIOSITY!! That's right, you will be directing your website visitor to wherever you wish them to end up landing on; whether that is a another website page, a CPA offer, a ClickBank offer, or anywhere else, you can now get them there. This has increased my Click Through Rates more than 600%, and it can for you, too!

  1. Frontend Corner Peel Monetizer $9.95 @ 50%
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