Six Days To Slim: The Mediterranean Detox Diet

Check out our testimonials for the all new and revised 6 Days To Slim Mediterranean Detox Diet

Thousands of people have successfully completed this Detox Plan and lost weight, easily, quickly, and kept it off. Now we hope to help thousands more around the world by making this information available. Our clients range from everyday Joes, to world famous DJs, fashion photographers and multi-national CEOs. Here’s what just a few of them say:

“It really sorted out my skin and my head. It's brilliant. I've done it five times since." Charlie

“I found it easier than I thought due to there being something to drink every three hours. I would definitely recommend it, not just for weight loss but for overall wellbeing and detoxing the body.” Dave

“The results were I lost exactly 6 kg (13.2 lbs) felt revitalized & relaxed.” Steve Matthews

“Before the program I felt tired and lazy, now I have loads of energy and a renewed approach to living.” Orla

If you’re looking for a diet plan that will allow you to lose weight safely, naturally and easily in days, then keep that weight off, The Amazing Mediterranean Detox Diet is for you.

We’re not talking six weeks to results, we’re talking just six days to flush toxins from your body, have you pounds lighter, have you glowing, and feeling energised and refreshed. Some of our clients are up to 12lbs lighter in just 6 days, then they keep that weight loss off.

Developed and refined over the last few years and already successfully used by thousands of people to lose pounds in days, The Amazing Mediterranean Detox is a totally natural, easy to follow, juice detox programme that gives great results.

Forget fad diets, forget gimmicks. The Amazing Mediterranean Detox is based around using raw natural fruit and vegetables to help the body flush toxins, break down fat and lose weight in days. It’s proven and reliable. The weight stays off too, and after the initial six day detox there’s a further eating plan extending to 21 days where you’ll be enjoying meat, fish and dairy, and staying lighter than you were before.

The Mediterranean Detox Diet is a way to lose weight quickly and safely, flush toxins from the body, re-alkalize your digestive system (more on this later) and lay the foundations for a lifetime of happy healthy eating. We’ve helped hundreds of people, including top DJs and music industry people, shed thousands of excess pounds with our detox plan, and you can be one of them. The plan is simple to follow, easy to implement and the results are fantastic - just imagine being pounds lighter in just 6 days, feeling re-energized, great inside, with clear glowing skin, eyes, hair and nails. It’s totally possible and we’ve helped hundreds of people achieve it.

So how much weight will you lose? Well, on average our clients lose between 6 to 12 pounds in 6 days. Even those that admit they cheated have lost 4 to 5 pounds, and we’ve had individuals lose nearly as much as 15 pounds. How much you lose will depend on how much excess weight you have to start, how many toxins you have, and how closely you adhere to the plan, but you will lose weight and keep it off! Finally, as well as being easy to implement and follow and having great results, those results are fast - something that helps spur on motivation. One week to shed pounds of weight - bring it on! Once you’ve seen that weight come off, you’ll be more motivated than ever to keep going, especially as you’ll be feeling so good inside.

So, the Mediterranean Detox Plan - a healthy living plan that’s easy to implement, easy to follow, yields quick results that last, doesn’t require special foods, leaves you not only looking fabulous, but feeling great, and sets you up for a lifetime of healthy living.

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