FixedBamboo™ bamboo road bike (frame only)

FixedBamboo bamboo bike frame. Model: Road , Size: 46cm-66cm.

FixedBamboo™ Luxury Bicycles by BambooFixie™. A greener, smoother, stronger ride!™ ©

FixedBamboo™ Roadii™ by BambooFixie™ ( Bamboo bikes)

You said you wanted a stronger frame.. You told us you wanted a smoother more comfortable ride.. To give you something more crash resistant .. Something able to absorb the vibration other frames don’t do well. A frame lighter and stiffer, yet able to sustain heavy weight. Well… we listened. BambooFixie™’s FixedBamboo™ is redefining the biking experience™.

100% top quality exotic bamboo. FixedBamboo™’s bamboo bike frames are stronger and stiffer due to our special soaking process (soaked in a special chemical a length of 48 hours after curing); while others just smoke, or dry their bamboo, which we have found leads to potential splitting/cracking, our special unique soaking process gives you a stronger, higher quality, luxurious bamboo bike frame every purchase. BambooFixie™’s FixedBamoo™ frames are sealed and coated with a polyurethane to secure vapor and provide a beautiful aesthetic finish. Reviewed and inspected by real bike professionals and put through our manufacturer’s unique extreme and efficient quality control and quality assurance measures for a product worthy of praise and continued loyalty. Our total quality management and processes have earned us rights and permissions to use a number of federally registered Trademarks guaranteeing our customers genuine high quality standard and authentic items. All our products are guaranteed genuine and meet high quality standard. We bear this federally registered Trademark with pride!

We are confident you will love your FixedBamboo™ bamboo bike frame and offer a 10 year warranty with every purchase. Secure PayPal payments offered, credit cards, bank transfers, and echecks! Shipping is worldwide and pricing varies upon location.

FixedBamboo™ uses natural hemp fiber lugs, tension wrapped and soaked in an epoxy resin to strengthen and solidify strong as concrete. Fiber is then sanded and coated to bring about a beautifully smooth finish and long lasting frame life. Our BambooFixie™ bamboo bike frames are stronger than most carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium, and steel frames. So you can be sure your receiving a strong frame in comparison with others on the market.

FixedBamboo™ Luxury Bicycles by BambooFixie™. A greener, smoother, stronger ride!™ © 2012 OmUnique Luxury Brand LLC.

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