Bootcamp Ninja System

Finally - a guaranteed way to stop you losing your Bootcamp members.

How much more money would you make it every member of your Bootcamp / PT stayed with you for at least 8 months?

Isn’t it annoying where one month you have 100 people in your Bootcamp - the next month 50?

Used to piss us off too.

Our clients didn’t have anything to train for - apart from results ….Which we all know is good but don’t we all train harder, better and have more determination when we have something tangible to aim for?

It used to baffle us .. Our bootcamp is awesome, we have wicked music, we put 100% into it – people love us.

But then they just get kind of bored after a while/

They made excuses …”I’ll be back when it’s brighter” or “I just haven’t got time”

F*ck that… they just didn’t have anything to train for but we didn’t realise this until someone actually told us and we’re glad they did!

Imagine you booming bootcamp is going great

Then they all just leave as they are now bored with you, have nothing to train for and now they have their results they are just going to go back to eating ice cream and having a McDonald’s drive through because they “have been good”

Not got a business now have you…….

This happened to us as well so don’t worry we will tell you what happened to us later….

We have been there…
Our bootcamp was fu*king ace! We have the best music, learnt some of the best bootcamp exercises from the top guys in the industry.

People loved it but they just didn’t stay for long.

Sound familiar?

We just wished they would stay month after month after month.

We spent a fortune on marketing as well – flyers, ads, newspapers, etc. Which got us some new leads but we only did this because people kept leaving after few months when they got the results they wanted.

We then learnt off a very wise man who is actually the most expensive PT in the world (£17k a week infact) that it’s 6 times cheaper to keep a client that get a new one. 6 Fu*king times!!

So this is when that massive light bulb went off above our heads! How can we keep them for a longgggg ass time?

It took us a while to figure this one out

A year infact…. We like problem solving and have hit the nail on the head with this one.

I (Matt) did Ju-Jitsu for 10 years ….. Why? …. Because I wanted to be a bad ass and get my black belt!

So we thought how can we get our 100+ bootcampers to get this motivation without spending 1,000s of hours a week trying to access / record / work in the same way we do with our 1:1 clients.

Well to put it simply … WE HAVE DONE IT!

We came up with a system that can be used with 100+ people in the middle of a field, with very little work on your behalf ….. Not just in a gym 1:1 like other ranking systems out there.

Let us explain

Our system brings the TRIBAL feel to your bootcamps.

It creates an atmosphere that no other bootcamp can match.

How? …

The Bootcamp Ninja System

8 Grades – All done and designed so anyone can do it with no equipment

Minimum 1 month per grade = minimum 8 month to Black Panther grade.

Easy assessment charts. They do the assessments if the warm up and they put their score down on the DONE-FOR-YOU sheets.

All exercises and progressions DONE-FOR-YOU

All paper work/posters/design/belt design DONE-FOR-YOU

Website DONE FOR YOU – just add it to your website or make a new URL

We get this a lot

People sign up to our camp and they say – “I am going to get that black panther belt” ….. They basically just said I am going to give you a minimum of £800. Thanks

Out bootcampers are not just not “campers” They are NINJAS

And they LOVE IT!

All they talk about it the next belt

The next goal - they all want to be BLACK BELTS! But who the F*ck doesn’t right? Black belts are Badasses!!!

Suddenly all leaving has gone. The first month we introduced this we had ZERO leave – ALL of them wanted to get the next belt.

And the first day we did, all we saw of Facebook was pictures of our White Wolf bands and members who don’t know each other talking about helping each other get the next belt. Strong stuff?? Hell yeah it is.

Also one of the best parts is to get their next belt they have to either Refer or tag on Facebook. We always push for referals so it conditions then to bring people to your camps without you even mentioning it!

We put a lot of thought into how much to charge for a system that is GUARANTEED to save you members.

Even if only one member less left per month that would add an average of over £7,566 a year to your year one income – £97 a month, one extra member in month one, two extras in month 2 and so on.

In the end we settled on the ridiculously low price of two installments of £97 because we’ve been there – we know when you’re looking for something like this, money is a bit tight.
If we were down to our last £194 in the bank, this is how we would spend it – a system that is GUARANTEED to return many times it’s investment.
Sound good? Get it now and get your Ninjas started today.

Who are we to ramble?

Well, since we started bootcamps a while ago. Charging £3 a sessions in a local gym (this sucked)

We know own 2 Facilities offering indoor bootcamp and 1:1 PT

We employ 6 Trainers that do 98% of the work for us and 2 assistants that do our admin.

Not bad in under 18 months…..

Since we introduced our Ninja system our retention has gone up by 87%.

Remember it is 6 times more cost efficient to keep a member that get a new one.

Would you rather spend £197 on a flyer drop or keep all your existing members for the next 8 months? You do the math.

So, stop wasting your money

On crap advertising to get new clients just get the ones you have to stay and they will refer. People like being part of a TRIBE.


The introductory offer on this system goes up to the full price of £247 on the 26th May – we’ve always rewarded ACTION TAKERS – so get it while you can.

Remember it’s all DONE-FOR-YOU

You can start this today!

If you don’t get this system now, next time you lose a client (which WILL happen) ask yourself “would of they left if they had something new to aim for”? Or would of they stayed to become a Black Panther?

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