QQ space small secretary

QQ space small secretary is space of a QQ software, you do not need to enter each other's QQ space, we can quickly give each other a message and log comments, don't have to suffer visit slow troubles, but also can quickly give you write a diary, write mood, as well as others reprint log. This is a powerful QQ space each step on the software, so you no longer tolerate QQ space empty lonely, no longer worry can't find each other on the object, so you really enjoy each step on the super - cool experience. She used the advanced technology, and humanization design, make sure you in every round of each step in the back foot rate as high as 98%. You will also need to hesitate? Please join us, your dream start from here! QQ space small secretary v2.61 official free version update: 1, repair the problem, not the message 2 repair cannot reply log problem 3, repair cannot use super each foot problems...

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