360 hardware master

360 hardware master

The original Master Lu (Z weapon) changed its name to Lu Jin, who also had become fashionable for a time "Windows optimization master".

Have a professional and easy to use hardware detection, not only super accurate, but also provide Chinese manufacturers information to you, let your computer configuration to stick out a mile, profiteers deceived.

360 hardware is the master of system tools of a new generation. Can easily identify the authenticity of computer hardware, computer protection and stable operation, optimize cleaning system, improve the speed of the computer software for free.

360 hardware is the master of machine tools installed a 360 official development professional and easy to use hardware detection, vulnerability scanning and repair, software installation and upgrades, hardware testing and easy to use with professional and easy to use hardware detection, not only super accurate, but also provide Chinese manufacturers information to you, let your computer configuration to stick out a mile, profiteers deceived. It is suitable for compatible hardware test in various brand desktop, notebook computer, DIY, monitoring and early warning of key components of real-time, computer hardware information comprehensive, effectively prevent hardware failure, let your computer from distress. Battery, battery state of health monitoring: detection of loss, battery quality battery, battery is improved effectively the service life and the computer's health. System vulnerability scanning and repair loopholes in the system mainly refers to some program or component caused by the Bug operating system or omissions in the back door. A Trojan or virus program is usually use them to bypass the firewall protection software, in order to attack and control user's personal computer to. So in order to system security and stability, timely to download and install the patch, repair loopholes in the system is very necessary. All kinds of hardware real-time temperature monitoring in the hardware temperature monitoring, Master Lu display curves of various types of computer hardware temperature chart. Hardware temperature monitoring includes the following content (optic current sensor system and:CPU, graphics card temperature (temperature) GPU temperature), the main hard disk temperature, motherboard temperature. Tip: you can run on hardware temperature monitoring, minimizing the Master Lu, and then run 3D games, the game after the end of each hardware, to observe the change of temperature. Commonly used weapons (cleaning weapons, weapons, weapon driven optimization) cleaning the weapon scanning, garbage clean-up system quickly, comprehensive, cleaning the weapon can let the computer run more relaxed, more efficient, more safety. Driving weapons drive backup, restore and update functions such as user. Driving weapons with software interface is clear, simple operation, set the advantages of humanized. Provide a full intelligent one-click optimization and key recovery optimization of weapons, including speed, user interface speed, file system, network optimization and response system.

360 hardware master Version (2011-12-01)


Increase of Gigabyte (Gigabyte) P61-S3-B3 temperature detection board;

Increase the Dell (Dell) temperature detection of Vostro 200 desktop computer 0RK936 board;

Graphics card temperature detection of the ThinkPad T61, T60, T43 models such as the increase of;

Increase of light (Gloway), the Asian Dragon (Anucell) Chinese name and manufacturer;

Increase of micron (Micron) detection of solid state disk manufacturers and interface;

To increase the recognition of AMD Radeon HD 7350A graphics card;

To increase the pirate ship (Corsair) interface detection of solid state disk;

Increase of Gigabyte (Gigabyte) to detect GA-870A-UD3 of the main fan speed;

Detection of Crucial increased solid-state hard drive manufacturers and interface;

Increase of MSI (MSI) support temperature detection 990XA-GD55 motherboard;

Increase the Dell (DELL) support temperature detection 0XGMD0 motherboard;

Increase the Seagate (Seagate) detection of the latest Barracuda 13 generations of hard disk speed and interface;

Increase the ASUS (ASUS) support temperature detection of P8P67-M PRO board;

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