Computer stability testing software

Computer stability testing software

Suspected motherboard or memory is not stable in time

Or run 3DMARK, or use of this software.

But 3D MARK is too big, temporary download is not convenient

Then the software can put U disk, portable, more convenient.

The copy machine computer software (ORTHOS) in ORTHOS Stress Prime 2004 upgrade edition, the author took the new name ORTHOS to him, in Greek is fair. And the previous version is different, this removes the CPU0 and CPU1 options, running a ORTHOS two core for CPU testing at the same time, and is fully loaded, the test pressure is greater, more strict.

Using ORTHOS test, Large, in-place FFTs (a FFTs proper, especially memory) project error time faster, therefore, other than the Large project error time, in-place FFTs (a FFTs proper, especially memory) option on the stability of CPU

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