Windows7 thin Secretary

Windows7 thin Secretary

Compared with the Windows7 system XP system is a feature with a lot of components and modules, but many components generally is not used, we can the system streamlined weight using this tool, in order to free more disk space.

Windows7 thin secretary, can be thin in the Windows7 system a lot of components, without affecting the use case release more hard disk space.

Weight list:

TV card driver file (Philips semiconductor video capture driver)

Modem driver files

Image processing device driver file (what video monitoring etc.)

HP printer driver files (not many, printers have their own drive or network download)

Several printer driver files (occurred as a result of driver printer cannot be shared, compatibility is not enough strong)

The system integrated graphics driver (A N card and Intel card driver files, universal drive everywhere)

Other language start interface support (with the Chinese version, simplified the other excess is not necessary to retain)

Microsoft Pinyin input method (or can be good, according to individual needs to decide whether to delete.)

Japanese input method (general domestic use not to, such as the need to use can be installed separately)

Korean input method (general domestic use not to, such as the need to use can be installed separately)

Traditional Chinese input method (a lot of input method of integrated traditional function, can be deleted)

The game comes with the system (not much, on the network more to go, keep a few classic)

The system upgrade left backup file (if not considering unloading, can be deleted, but most people don't know how to uninstall)

Public user demonstration video files (ordinary users to estimate that few people know these things exist)

A few ugly systems onboard the theme (retained the default win7 theme as well as a classic)

Language recognition support (speech database, comes with the system to decide, generally do not need)

Dvd Maker (a good thing, but not true to like strong)

Windows Defender (it is virus defense tool, system comes with but generally used domestic high-quality anti-virus)

Some redundant backup fonts (alternate font file, delete does not have any influences)

Some redundant backup image (standby picture files, delete also does not have any influences)

Windows Media Center (also known as EHOME, seems to be a good player)

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