WtoolTools V2.11

Wtool (WT) is a system of auxiliary tools, the use of this tool can make safety your system stick out a mile, and with a repair function, because the WTool does not need to load the driver, so the use of this tool is unlikely to take into the system unstable failure such as (blue screen, such as crashes), if this situation, may be you use other tools caused by.

The main function of


1, the current Wtool system underlying way through the enumeration process, can easily be all processes in the system (including the hidden process) display;

2, Wtool provides three ways to end the process, divided into: common end, forcing an end to end, drive;

3, if not the termination of the process, it will automatically delete the file menu right end process added to the system after the restart, this file will be deleted the next time the computer starts.

4, if you are a computer systems expert, Wtool can be in below show the process module window right click, you can view the process of loading module, running threads and load of the window information.


1, the function name kernel module system has been loaded into violence, blue for an unknown driver, red for dangerous driving;

[] the kernel thread

1, the enumeration drive thread system automatically started, can be carried out on the kernel threads (pause, resume);


1, the enumeration system all startup items;


1, display all the programs in the system of network connection, the procedure can be no network connection;

[registry]1, if you are unable to run the computer comes with the registry editor, WT provides its own registry editor, you can easily modify the registry of all items and subitems;

[] file management

1, the default Windows default displays all the files on the disk (including hidden files), you can open, forced to delete, rename the file operation;


1, display all the IE plugin, Bho plugin and Activex plug-in can be enumerated one one, can be forced to remove malicious plug-in easily;

All the installed input method 2, enumerate system, some WG or Trojan use the input method to inject later if there is residual, you can right-click delete IMG and file to remove the input method;

File 3, detection system, red for dangerous items;

4, here only introduce some main function, the other one one is introduced;

[] Limited repair

1, can detect and repair some Trojan disabled the important function in the system;

Other functions not introduced, to experience.

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