Comprehensive Dental Practice Guide

In an effort to consolidate our guides and resources, we have compiled several of our most popular under one cover:

Employee Manual - Policy Overview & Mission Statement
Dental Office Staff Job Descriptions & Sample Contract
Management Of Medical Emergencies In The Dental Office (templates)
Dental Office Exposure Manual & Protocol -Needle Sticks, Blood and Body Fluids
The Essential Guide To Management Of Medical Emergencies In The Dental Office (case based learning)
Photo & Video Release Template

About Us

Dental Practice Resource Group was formed with the sole mission of helping busy dental practices solve their practice related issues. Our team members have been practicing and collaborating on various projects over the last two decades and have come under the same umbrella a few years ago. We are very excited to have merged with Singularis Media Group and now have expanded our services. We have been using Singularis Media Group’s web services for SEO, link building and video marketing for the last two years so the partnership was the next logical progression.

As busy clinicians it is very difficult to find the time to develop policies and procedures from scratch. Why reinvent the wheel? Dentistry at its core is the same wherever it is practiced; however, the nuances of practice management and marketing are what set apart the most successful dentists.
Our mission was to create a series of resources on a wide variety of topics specific to the dental office. Over the last year, we have been refining these resources and making them available to our fellow colleagues in the dental industry. We strive to make these resources valuable yet clean and simple. We have been told that their format allows for easy modification and customization based on the dental practice that utilizes them. With that in mind, we are making all of our resources available in a variety of formats (PDF, eBook, MS Word, RTF). Several of these formats lend for modification and can be tailored to any dental practice needs.

Our team is fortunate to have the input of a physician who shares a unique perspective on the issues at the crossroads of both dentistry and medicine. For that reason, we believe that our resources have a distinct advantage over what is otherwise available. Our business model is centered around a dental office and all of these resources and web-based strategies have been implemented in our own practice. Our team consists of dedicated health professionals who happen to be passionate about dental marketing and education.

Being a dentist and transforming lives (and smiles) has never been more rewarding. We know you will find value in this resource. Visit our website and see what else we have to offer.

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