WP Plug-In ReBrander

Re brand any WordPress theme or plugin! 100 Guaranteed

Here's what WP Plug-In ReBrander Tool can Do For YOU:

*Enable YOU to Take Premium WP Themes and Plugins and Re-brand them as your own!

*Enable You to Remove Any of The Original Plugin/Theme Left Over Wording

*Allow you to Do What Ever You Like & Even Resell These Rebranded Plugins and Themes as your own for 100 of the profit!

*Allow You To Do Integration Marketing by Adding an Extra Page To Your Plugins Or Themes Menu so that you can Cross Promote Other Products to your buyers!

*This means you can even Add You Affiliate *Links with Banners to the re-branded plugins before you resell them!

*Finally, Everything above is Achieved in a completely safe and 100 Legal way!

  1. Frontend WP Plug-In ReBrander $17 @ 50%
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David Colon
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