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Do you have a website or page which has no PR or no significant ranking? Actual PageRank backlinks will help you to solve this problem. High PR backlinks are a true SEO goldmine because they can give you a big boost in your rankings on the next PR update of your site. This automatically gives authority and trust to your domain.

The power of these backlinks is such that they are placed on pages which have actual PageRank. In fact your backlink will be visible on the HOMEPAGE itself. How's that for value?

Most backlinks today are coming from PR0 or PR N/A pages. And whilst such links do contribute to your Ranking efforts somewhat, there's really little or no comparison.

For example, one PR1 backlink equals to 10 PR0 backlinks, 1 PR2 Backlink has the same value as 160 PR0 backlinks, 1 PR3 Backlink = 900 PR0 and on.

So the value that you are receiving here is atleast a few thousand times of that of an "ordinary link" from a typical "spam ridden website" that has already been devalued by Google.

Google gives more recognition and prominence to sites that have a high PageRank. The higher the PageRank of the page where the backlink is placed – the higher the authority and effectiveness of your backlink and domain.

And all your sites must be 100% Family & VEGAN friendly.

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