Dental School Admission Guide

Thinking of a career as a dentist?
This instant download ebook contains fresh content and perspectives.

If you are serious about getting into dental school, this guide is for you.

As part of a series, this first book is ideal for high school students and college students considering a career as a dentist.

The book covers academic requirements, elements for success as an undergraduate student, tips on developing an undergraduate resume' that will help you stand out from the crowd (especially when it comes time to apply to dental school).

See a first hand account of what a day in the life of a dental student is like as well as a clinic day for a busy private practice dentist.

There is an interview section where we share an interview with a highly successful undergrad pre-dental student who is now in his first year at his dental school of choice. We captured the elements of success and share it all with you here.

Included are an example of a personal statement and DAT score from another student who is now a first year student at an Ivy league Dental School.

The book wraps up with a complete listing of all U.S. Dental Schools along with website and contact information.

This book is part of a series. Subsequent books are focused on specific aspects of the application, interview and admissions process.

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