fb F.I.S.T - Facebook Integrated Subscription Tool

fb F.I.S.T is a software that creates a facebook subscribe button for a website/blog/page. When someone clicks on the subscribe button, user data is fetched from facebook. fb F.I.S.T automatically adds the subscriber to a mailing list at the same time. There is built-in support for multiple common autoresponders. No need to enter any personal details to subscribe with fb F.I.S.T, it's a simple 1-click process.

fb F.I.S.T will store advanced demographic data from the subscribers, data that can later on be used for laser-targeted marketing.

There's also a powerful Viral Traffic Poster module that allows you to post on the subscribers walls. This module can be used for important announcements such as campaigns, vouchers, freebies and competitions etc. and can quickly go viral, used in the correct way.

The built-in QR-module creates a QR-code that can be put on any form of print media. The QR-code can then be scanned with a smartphone. When the QR-code is scanned, the software automatically subscribes the user to your mailing list.

To put it shortly, most marketers and businesses will quickly realize how powerful fb F.I.S.T is, and will be able to see how it can help them maximize their marketing efforts through the viral power of facebook marketing. The market is huge, as well as the opportunity for you to profit greatly form this affiliate program!

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