Video Mystic

Slick production. Video Sales Letters. Rendering. PowerPoint. YouTube. It’s all here…

You’re about to discover the essence of what close to five thousand hours of video marketing has taught me. As you read through this training, I want you to do so with a very specific mind state – “will/why/how/when”.

Will: will I implement this immediately? I guarantee there are several things that will benefit your business in this guide. The idea is to decide what to do first. Try to pick the stuff that can have the quickest results in your business to put in your “will” pile.

Why: this is where you think about why it makes sense to use this in your business. If you know this, then you’ll typically perform better when you execute the strategies.

How: in some instances I give you a few different options to choose from. Your goal should be to choose as quickly as possible what makes sense and just try it.

When: this is the most important of all – anything that you see in this guide that you want to implement, you have to put a date on not only when you’ll start, but when you’ll finish.

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