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Few advertising experts actually understand how advertising works, but
what is undeniable is that it does. Towards the end of the twentieth
century, the primary modes of advertising were overtly television, radio, print adverts and billboards.

Perhaps the best source of advertising and by far the cheapest was
word of mouth. Until the invention of the internet, word of mouth rarely
found its way into the popular consciousness. Few people would write in
to a newspaper to promote their favorite detergent or brand of apparel.

The invention of the internet saw word of mouth go global. People and
their views are connected as they have never been connected before.
There are also a great number of ways of letting people know your
opinion, so instead of telling, a neighbor how one product is better than
another, people post it on a website and hundreds to millions will know about it.

Facebook has become the equalizer where small businesses can compete against huge conglomerate or corporations. Facebook has left the big companies trying to find a way to tap into the social network markets because the little guy is winning. The Facebook for Business Guide is the tell all guide to successfully enter into the social network markets and come out a winner.

Here are some stats then ask yourself if you can afford not to get into the social network market.

Active Users: 800,000,000
Users Active On Any Given Day: 400,000,000
Average Social Network Size: 130
Average Page Connections: 80
Pages, Groups and Events Interacted with Daily: 900,000,000
Photos Uploaded Daily: 250,000,000
Apps Installed Daily: 20,000,000
Languages Available: 70
Active Mobile Users: 350,000,000
Source: Facebook.com.

What you have just read is the introduction of the Facebook for Business Guide. Do not miss the rest of this book it is explosive and has the means to make your business explode.

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