Get Started with Joomla 1.7

Joomla Tutorials - Get Started with Joomla 1.7

Step by Step Guide to Joomla!

Are you Struggling with Joomla?

"Wouldn't it great if you could just get going and not have to spend hours searching for the right information"

"Wouldn't it be great if the information was in a format that was easy to understand!"

When I started learning Joomla, I had to spend hours searching the Internet to find the information I needed to create my very own first Joomla web site, and then, when I did find the information it was always so technical that I spent ages working out what all the terminology meant.

"All you want to do is get going and start creating your own Joomla site"

Here is an easy to read and understand guide that will really Help you if you are a beginner.

"Get Started with Joomla 1.7" will save you time and will help you to learn fast. All the information you will need to create your very own Joomla web site - "Great for Beginners"

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