Amazon Confidential

Attn: Amazon Associates Staff & Traffic Lords,

In October of 2011, Team Traffic received a tip from a trusted traffic source, regarding a previously unexplored traffic supply.

With this intel, Team Traffic began an exploratory mission to uncover any secrets of this new supply.
Initial results indicated promise from the traffic source and upon further investigation, additional traffic supplies were located.

On Nov 2, 2011, at 1500 hours: Operation "Amazon Traffic" commenced. The team had one mission:

Discover prime sources of traffic for Amazon affiliates to tap.

The Mission began it's exploration at the mouth of the famous South American river...

The cache of treasures were mapped and procured

Team Traffic set out on a guerilla mission to uncover, explore and appropriate all known traffic sources back to the cache.

The rest of this report details the journey, the findings and the results of each installation of the operation.

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