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Dear Marketer or Business Owner,
You have heard of Twitter, many times no doubt! It is on the news, on television shows, celebrities and athletes are speaking to their fans on Twitter and new people are flooding on to the network every day.
You will also find a number of businesses on Twitter. Using it to find hungry buyers and connect with their market in real time. The PERFECT sales vehicle in today's fast paced and impatient society.

Regardless of what industry you may be in, the sooner you embrace Twitter, the sooner you will open your doors to new business and new money making opportunities.
“Cash In With The 10th Largest Website On The Internet, Twitter!”
Twitter has over 150 Million registered users
Twitter receives over 180 Million unique visitors a month
Over 300,000 new users join Twitter every day
Over 600 Million searches are sent to Twitter each day
Of those 600 Million searches, many people are looking for solutions to problems and YOU can provide the solution

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