WP Simplicity – WordPress Plugin

WP Simplicity is developed to make setting up and configuration of WordPress sites a breeze, it makes sourcing of contents on blogs easier than ever. It transforms your WordPress sites to content sites quickly and easily.

WP Simplicity is a magic tool aimed at achieving a successful online blogging for all bloggers and marketers by saving huge time spent blogging.

The pre-launch sales created INSANE buzz as it was awarded “WSO of the day” on Warrior Forum with 11% conversion rate. It paid out 5-figures to affiliates within 48 hours. This is the sort of unique, high quality, buzz generating plugin WordPress users will thank you for bringing to their notice.

It has helped thousands of bloggers and marketer save time. It generated massive numbers of testimonials and also caught the attention of well known marketers. If you want to promote a stand out blogging tool that sells itself and already has a huge reputation then this is it!

Watch the video below to see how it works:

These features are HOT! There is doubt that this plugin is going to create a
fever pitch as the product sells itself.

As you can see it is extremely powerful and for those who currently use WordPress for their marketing or online business. This plugin is a no brainer, must have tool for bloggers and internet marketers. NO HYPE

Just some of the amazing features WP Simplicity has are:

• One-click installation and activation of pre-loaded over 140 plugins
• Access for users to add their own favorite WordPress plugins
• One-click automatic set up of preset search engines friendly permalinks
• Create basic pages with contents; About page, Contact page, Privacy policy and Sitemap page.
• Create automated, targeted posts that are relevant to the niche.
• Create video post for any targeted keyword of your choice.
• Earn high commissions through ClickBank

Plus LOADS of more cool features

Sign up Here: http://wpsimplicity.com/JV-invite.html

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