Crash Course into Parkour

This is a crash course training program for learning and mastering the discipline of parkour.

In this program we cover all of the basic moves to parkour and give you in detail video instruction for each move.
This program also contains 3 separate ebooks.

The first covers conditioning. We talk about diet, the truth about muscle gain, and go over a series of unique conditioning workouts to use with your parkour training.

The second ebook covers specific drills to follow for learning the basic movements, increasing agility an balance, and for training for real life chases.

The third ebook is a simple full 3 MONTH training schedule that lines up everything you need to do for each day. It gradually builds, so all you have to do is follow the schedule and you will see great results from your parkour training.

Then you get a ton of Bonuses.

You get "The Secret to the Warm-Up"
This tells you all about how to perform the proper warm-up and why you need to perform it before each training session.

You get "Double Your Flexibility" which goes over four different types of stretching and lays out a simple schedule for you to follow to increase your flexibility fast!

Then if you stay with us for the full 30 days, You will receive these bonuses!

You get "The Advanced Dive Roll"
This is a detailed tutorial over two different forms of the dive roll.

You get "Get Further on Your Kong!"
This is an advanced tutorial over the kong vault and goes over the special techniques for increase the distance and power of your kong vaults.

Then you get "Master of Flow"
This talks about how to make your parkour runs more fluid and smooth. It shows you the secret techniques to making your movements quicker and how to flow them together.

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