Squeeze Page Opt In Tracking

DigiResults can automatically track customer opt ins from product squeeze pages. Your affiliates will love this feature because it will provide both of you with a clear indication of how much customer interest (and potential sales) there is for an upcoming product launch.

How do I set up Opt In Tracking?

  • First you need to navigate to the “Other Settings” screen when you add a new listing or edit an existing listing.
  • Fill the “Opt in thank you URL” field by entering the page which you wish your customers to view once they have signed up for notification emails.
    Save it and make a note of the URL shown underneath this field as you will need to set this as your customer opt in confirmation page within your auto responder.
  • To set up your auto responder please log in to your account and navigate to the screen where you can set the customer opt in confirmation page.
  • Continue by pasting the URL previously mentioned above as the confirmation page. To make this process easier, we have devised two guides for the two most popular providers: Campaign Monitor and AWeber.
  • Finally set your form up as normal on your squeeze page. Done.

Where can I see the Opt Ins?

You will be able to track customer opt ins at Reports → Affiliates. You will notice a new “Optin” column will appear in the table displaying how many opt ins each affiliate has captured.

Where can affiliates see their Opt Ins?

Your affiliates are able to view their customer opt ins at Reports → Affiliate Promotions but affiliates view opt ins by product.

Do my affiliates have to do anything?

Nope. They just continue to promote your products using the normal affiliate link.

Does DigiResults see details about my subscribers?

No, it is completely anonymous. We do not track who but we do track how many.