Download protection

Let DigiResults host the file for you

The easiest way to protect your download with DigiResults is to let us host it for you.

You can upload one zip file of up to 20MB for each product (or variant) via the Manage Product screens. When a customer purchases your product they get taken to a page displaying a customisable message and a link to to download the file.

Or: protect your download page

If you’d prefer to host your own download we send some authentication parameters to your thank you page. They work in the same way as ClickBank’s cbpop system so scripts which support that should work out of the box.

As an example the following PHP script on the download page would stop anyone who visits the thank you url without the proof of purchase params in the url from getting the download:

function popValid() {
  $key='YOUR SECRET KEY'; // Replace with DirectReceipt key



  if ($cbpop==$xxpop)
    return 1;
    return 0;

if (!popValid())

Passing extra params to your thank you page

You can pass extra parameters to the thank you url by including them in the query string to the buy link. For example would include custid=23&level=1 in the query string. Only the first 127 characters of custom parameters will be passed along. If the custom params are too large then whole key/value pairs will be stripped off until they are under the limit – you won’t ever receive partial values for parameters as a result.

To maintain compatibility with ClickBank scripts these extra parameters are not included in the PoP validation. You can use Direct Receipts to examine these parameters more securely.