Payment Types

DigiResults allows you to choose from two payment types to offer your customers a choice of financing options.

What are the different Payment Types?

You may choose from either Single payments or Payment Plans:

Single payments charge a simple one-off fee to your customers. As with most DigiResults products, this fee is charged immediately at the point of purchase. For example, a single charge of $19.95.

Payment Plans allow you to offer different financing options to your customers. Consider a vendor who typically lists their product as a single payment of $997. The vendor can also offer the same product as two payments of $547 or three payments of $397. For more information, please see Payment Plans.

How do I set Payment Types?

To set the payment type you simply need to select it from the drop-down when you list a new product.

Alternatively, you may create a variant of an existing listed product. Select the product you wish to create a variant for at Manage → Listings. Then click “Variant” followed by “Add new variant”. Again choose from the options in the payment type drop-down and save your changes by clicking the “Create Variant” button.

When will my affiliates get paid?

At DigiResults, every time a payment is charged to a customer no matter which payment type is set to a product, everyone gets paid – Vendors, Affiliates and DigiResults. However, this is only the case when you do not have any delayed payments set. For more information, please see Delayed Payments.