Payment Plans

DigiResults allows you to offer financing to your customers via payment plans.

How do Payment Plans work?

Payment plans allow you to charge a specific amount to a customer every month for a limited time period. This option gives you more freedom to offer your customers a wider choice of financing deals.

Consider an experienced vendor has listed their E-learning course as a new product which is typically priced at a single one-off payment of $997. The vendor also creates a variant of the same product by offering two payments of $547. Furthermore, the vendor creates another variant offering three payments of $397. By offering a range of payment plans, the vendor’s product is more affordable to customers while increasing the margin of the product for the financial benefit of both the vendor and the affiliate.

It is clear to see how payment plans make your products more affordable to customers and more profitable for you. Your affiliates love them too because when no delayed payments are set, every product payment (including future payments) are divided as usual between vendor, affiliate and DigiResults. Basically, everyone makes more money. Furthermore, the initial fee is charged to the customer immediately at the point of purchase and they are able to download the product.

Are there any limits?

Yes. The total price you can charge a customer must be less than $2,000 and it must last no longer than 12 payments or in other words…a year.

Also the price charged for each payment must be the same amount. For example, payments can not decrease with each payment.

How do I set up a Payment Plan?

For information on how to set up a payment plan, please refer to the “How do I set Payment Types?” section at Payment Types.