Network Selling

At DigiResults, we know it takes a while to find great affiliates and we don’t want you to damage your relationships with them.

What is Network selling?

Network Bridging allows you to continue offering your products on other networks without having to create a different sales page for each one .  It ensures your established affiliates, no matter which network they send your customers through, continue to be paid when they make sales.

What’s in it for me?

You will have access to all the cool features of DigiResults without annoying any of your well established affiliates.  At DigiResults you benefit from:

  • More Money – You make more money with no added effort via our automatic Digi Gold Label promotional email.  Effectively, you are the affiliate and earn commission when your customers purchase any Digi Gold Label product.  Its completely free so click here to find out more.
  • Instant Payment – No rotating commissions with affiliates here.  Once network fees are charged, each sale is split automatically by the commission percentage you set for each product.
  • More Affiliates – DigiResults affiliates are happier because they love instant commission payments but they can also earn commission as brokers by recommending other affiliates to promote your products.  More affiliates promoting your products means more sales for you.

How does Network Bridging work?

We don’t believe in screwing affiliates out of their hard earned money when they send customers through other networks.  Quite the opposite.

When a customer follows another network affiliate link e.g. JVZoo, the customer is redirected back and processed through JVZoo.  This ensures your affiliate gets their commission as usual.

How do I bridge my product?

The process is as simple as entering a few URLs but to make it even easier for you we have created walkthrough guides for the following networks: