JV Invite Page Widget

DigiResults gives you the option to add a handy widget to your product’s JV invite page so affiliates can apply to your Affiliate Programs with more ease.

What does the widget do?

The widget makes the application process much smoother for your affiliates which will increase the number of affiliate program requests you receive.  The widget detects the status of the affiliate who is viewing your product’s affiliate program page, then provides a link encouraging the affiliate to either apply to your affiliate program or finish signing up to DigiResults so they can apply to your program.

What does the widget look like?

Below are screenshots of what the widget displays for different affiliates:

  • An affiliate who has not linked their PayPal account correctly or has not specified their country

  • An affiliate who is not logged into DigiResults

  • An affiliate who has not applied to your Affiliate Program

  • An affiliate who is waiting for your Affiliate Program approval

  • An affiliate who is approved on your Affiliate Program

  • And finally, how you as a vendor view the widget

Handy right?

How do I set up the widget?

  • Go to Manage -> Affiliate program.
  • Copy the widget html code at the top of the page.
  • Post the code into the most appropriate place on your JV invite page.
  • And that’s it.  You should see the above “Widget Installed” widget when you view your JV invite page.