Hosted Sales Pages

Setting up a hosted sales page:

  • Log into your account and go to Manage → Listings
  • Click through the listing to the product you want to use a hosted sales page for
  • Edit the product details and tick the “Use a hosted sales page?” box and then save
  • You’ll get an edit button to take you to the WYSIWYG editor: 

When you click it you will be presented with the sales page editor where you can add your own text, images and buy buttons. You can insert different buttons with your choice of variants and discount codes.

Once you have configured the sales page to your liking then hit “Save” before viewing the final product.

How do I get my customers to the sales page?

Head to the Marketplace and select your product. Under “Ready to promote?” you will see your affiliate link. If you copy the link and then remove the “/aff_id” from the end of the link and it will take your customers to the sales page.

Social Proof via facebook.

You can even embed a facebook comments widget so your customers can post their testimonials on your products, giving you maximum exposure. To do this head to the sales page editor and tick the “Enable facebook comments” box.

Moderating comments

If you want to be able to moderate the comments you need to enter your facebook user ID. To find your facebook ID log into facebook, go to your profile and look at the address bar. If you see your name then you want the portion highlighted below:

If you don’t see your name but see a number then your ID is the portion highlighted below:

Once entered click “Save” and then use the on page tools provided by facebook to moderate posts.