Equity Partners

DigiResults allows you to sell your products in conjunction with an equity partner. It is the perfect solution if you have created a product with a friend or colleague. Their share of the profit is transferred to them automatically whenever a sale is made, meaning you no longer need to transfer their share manually anymore. Another job off the To-Do List huh?

Will my equity partner need a DigiResults account?

Yes. The beauty of DigiResults is instant payment for all via PayPal. As a result, your equity partner will need a PayPal account and a DigiResults account. Once they have linked their PayPal account to their DigiResults account, all you need is their Affiliate ID so you can allocate an equity partner at the “Product Details” screen.

This is especially convenient for any refunds, whereby money is automatically returned from all parties (including equity partners) and refunded back to the customer instantly with a single click from you, the vendor.

Will my equity partner have access to our product via DigiResults?

No. As the vendor only you can edit your products. All your equity partner will notice is their improving PayPal balance when your product takes off. :-)

How does this affect affiliate commissions?

They remain completely unaffected. Your equity partner’s share is withdrawn as a percentage from the money you make from a sale. As usual affiliate commissions and network fees are charged, leaving the money left over to be split between you and your equity partner as you see fit. Notably, PayPal fees are only charged to the share that you keep.

It is also important to note your equity partner’s share is paid according to the same payment terms as the affiliate who made the sale. For example, if your affiliate is set to a payment delay of 30 days, then your equity partner also has a payment delay of 30 days.

Where can I check payments to my equity partner have been processed correctly?

As with any sale you can check how customer payments are split at Report → Products. Under each product you are able to view how much your Equity Partner earns and even look at each individual sale specifically if you wish. Couldn’t be easier.

Can I set up an equity partner for all product payment types?

Yes you can. Equity partner’s can be applied to any product, regardless of which payment type is set. So whether your product is a single payment, payment plan or subscription product, you are able to set an equity partner and allocate the percentage of your share they will receive.

Hint: The higher it is…the more they will like you. ;-)