Dime sales

A dime sale allows you to raise the price of your product as sales are made. It creates instant urgency because your customers can see the price rising every time they refresh your page.

And NOTHING drives sales like the desire to catch a split-second bargain.

Setting up a dime sale

Go to the product you want to set up the discount code for:

Manage > Listings > Listing: Listing name and then click on the relevant product box in the ‘Products’ section.

Below the product name, you’ll see two links: ‘Discount codes’ and ‘Access links’.

Discount codes

Click on ‘Discount codes’.

On the next screen, click ‘Add new dime sale’.

You’ll now see this screen:

Create dime sale

Fill in details as follows:


Code: This is the name of your dime sale.

Public: If this box is checked, the discount code will be shown on the marketplace page for this product so any affiliate can use it. If it’s not ticked, only affiliates you’ve told about the code will know about it.

Copies per step: Enter how many copies you’d like to sell before the dime sale raises in price. We’d recommend a low number here – somewhere between 1 and 5 – to keep the urgency of your sale.


If you have more than one variant of your product, there’ll be a section for every variant on this screen. In this example, we’ve only got one variant, so only the default appears.

Starting price: Enter the price you want the dime sale to start at, i.e. the price at which the FIRST SALE will be made.

Price increase: Enter by how much you want the price to go up with each increase of the dime sale

Final price: Enter the price at which you want the dime sale to stop increasing. If you don’t fill this in, the dime sale price will rise until it reaches the price that anyone who doesn’t have a discount code will see.

Optional extras

Sales page: If you want anyone who uses this discount code to see a separate sales page, enter the URL of that sales page in here

Expires at: If you want your dime sale to be time-limited – say, if you’re doing a special launch offer – use the drop-down boxes here to enter the date and time that the code should expire.

Anyone who tries to use this code after this time will see the normal price, not the dime sale.

When you’ve filled everything in, you’ll have a screen that looks a bit like this:

Complete dime sale

In this example, the dime sale will start at $7, and every time a sale is made the price will increase by $0.10 until it reaches $27.

Click ‘Create Discount code’.

You should then see this screen:

You can edit the dime sale at any time by clicking its name in the table, and delete it using the red button on the right.

Activating your dime sale

Dime sales can be run either specifically to an affiliate or a certain group of affiliates, or hard-wired into your sales page so everyone sees it.

If you only want the dime sale to apply to certain affiliates, you should give them the coupon code. Affiliates will be able to use your code by adding /c/[code name] to the end of their affiliate link. In this example, their link will look something like:


If you want everyone who visits your page to see the dime sale, you should use the buy button generator to create the HTML code to add to your sales page.

Go to the product page:

Manage > Listings > Listing: [listing name] and then click the product box from the ‘Products’ section.

Click the ‘Get buy button code’ button in the ‘Publishing checklist’ section.

Buy button link

Select your variant and the discount code from the drop down boxes, and your HTML code will be generated automatically. You can also generate BB code for use on the Warrior Forum, or just the buy link if you prefer.

Buy button