Digi Gold Label

Digi Gold Label gives you the opportunity to make more money from your customers with no added effort. Nice huh?

How does it work?

Well, it’s simple…

  • A customer buys your product.
  • They sign up to the Digi Gold Label promotional mailing list.
  • They purchase any Digi Gold Label product via email.
  • You get paid as the affiliate for every purchase they make.
  • You make more money with no fuss.

So…What’s in it for DigiResults?

Your endless love and respect?

Seriously though, the Digi Gold Label email is all about making DigiResults the best and most profitable place to list your products.

We promote other vendors’ products which improves your bank balance without any extra work.  It’s completely automatic…so let your customers sign up to the Digi Gold Label mailing list and watch the money roll in.

In essence, we share our network fees with you so you even get paid as an affiliate for products which aren’t yours.  No need to say thank you.  Just part of the service.

What if I don’t want my customers to sign up to Digi Gold Label?

Remember the Digi Gold Label lasts forever so when your customers purchase any products via the Digi Gold Label, you will always get paid as the affiliate. There really is no downside.

If you still do not want your customers to be shown the Digi Gold Label sign up form, you can uncheck the “Monetize with Digi Gold Label” box within the “Other settings” section when adding or editing your listing. You can always change your mind later.

How can my product feature as the Digi Gold Label?

Unsurprisingly, the competition for the Digi Gold Label is fierce as the mailing list is highly desirable and most importantly profitable. We choose products from the DigiResults Marketplace which will benefit our customers the most, so if you think you have a great contender…

Email and tell us why your product is a perfect Digi Gold Label now.