Delayed payments

How do delayed payments work?

DigiResults allows you to set individual payment terms for each of your affiliates, ranging from instant payments up to payment after 60 days.

To set the payment terms for an affiliate simply log into your account, go to Manage → Affiliates, and find the affiliate you want to change payment terms for. Choose from the options in the drop-down and save your changes by clicking the update button.

What happens to the affiliate’s commission?

When you pay your affiliate instantly all the transactions happen in one go: one transaction from the customer to you for the full sale price, and two transactions from you for the affiliate commission and the network fees.

When payment to your affiliate is delayed, those transactions happen in two separate rounds. The customer still sends you the full sale price when they buy your product, but the transactions from your account for the affiliate commission and network fees don’t happen until the delay is complete. So if you choose a 14-day delay, the affiliate commission and network fees will leave your account 14 days after the customer has bought your product.

Where can I see how much money is due to be paid out?

Log into your DigiResults account and go to Reports → Income. If you have any pending payments due to be paid out to your affiliates or due to be received for sales you’ve made the amount will be shown at the bottom of the report.

Do I have to do anything so my affiliates get paid?

No, simply make sure your PayPal account has sufficient balance to cover the payments and when the time comes DigiResults will automatically cause the payments to go out.

What payment terms should I use?

We recommend using a 30-day delay as your default for new affiliates, though even a delay of 7-days is enough to protect you from most fraud. You should only use instant payments for trusted affiliates that you have an established relationship with.