Common Questions

How do I sign up for DigiResults?

Signing up is easy, free, and comes with absolutely no obligation.

Simply visit the sign-up page and follow the instructions. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be sent a confirmation e-mail. Click the link, connect a verified PayPal account to your DigiResults account, and you’re away!

What do you mean by ‘verified’?

‘Verified’ means that a validated funding source is linked to your Paypal account. It needs to be a verified account, otherwise we can’t process the payments and commissions.

I never received a confirmation e-mail – what do I do?

Be patient – the e-mail should be sent automatically when you sign up but it might take a few minutes to get there. If it doesn’t arrive in your in-box within a few minutes, check your spam folder in case it’s been put there. To avoid any problems with spam filters, you could whitelist the email address, or add it to your list of friends in your e-mail interface.

If it hasn’t turned up after a few minutes and it’s not in your spam folder, send a quick note to and we’ll get another one sent out.

Why do I need to link a PayPal account?

DigiResults uses PayPal’s chain payments API to make our famous real-time commissions system work.

PayPal is currently the only payment provider offering this service, which is why you need to use PayPal with DigiResults.

What can I sell through DigiResults?

Everything. Well, almost. ;-)

DigiResults is open to absolutely any type of product, just so long as it’s legal. That means:

  • You’ve got to have the right to sell the product, so you’ve got to either own the Private Label Rights or have created it yourself
  • It’s got to comply with the law

If in doubt, just get in touch with us and ask. 99.99% of the time the answer’s going to be that we’d love you to sell your product through DigiResults.

Can I integrate delivery of my product?

You can for any digital product – e-books, videos etc. We’ll even host the downloads for you if you’d like.

We’re working on integrating product delivery and fulfillment for physical goods; it’s not quite there yet, but don’t worry – if you’re signed up, you’ll get an e-mail letting you know when it’s up and ready to rock.

Are commissions really paid in real-time? How does that work?

Yes, they really are. Vendor and affiliate both get their money the instant the customer makes a purchase.

The answer to the second question’s a bit more complicated… :-)

DigiResults uses PayPal’s chained payments API to make sure everyone gets their share, whatever the commission % is. The customer pays the money directly into the vendor’s PayPal account, and DigiResults’ unique technology makes sure the affiliate is immediately sent their share.

This means:

  • If you’re a vendor, you don’t need to worry about working out the right affiliate payment and where to send it, or spend an age every week paying everyone – it happens right away, on 100% autopilot.
  • If you’re an affiliate, you know you’ll get all the money you’ve earned, and you’ll get it a sight faster than on any other network!
  • If you’re a customer, your transaction is always with the vendor, so you never end up contacting the affiliate when you want more information on other products.

Pretty good, huh?

What about refunds?

We take care of that too. Because the chained payments are all linked, the money is pulled back from every account in the chain, so no-one ever ends up out-of-pocket.

How much does it cost me to use DigiResults?

Signing up for DigiResults is free, and there are no regular monthly or weekly fees.

When we were thinking about fees, we knew one thing: we wanted them to be as fair as possible. This is what we’ve come up with:

  • For any sales of less than $10, there’s a network commission of $0.25 + 7.5%.
  • For any sales of more than $10, there’s a network commission of $0.50 + 5%.

This means we only make money when you make money. It’s absolutely impossible for you to lose money through listing a product on DigiResults.

Oh, one more thing: the DigiResults commission is included in the chained payments, so it’s taken automatically when you make a sale. No boring accounting working out what you owe us, no unexpected monthly bills… it’s absolutely instant, absolutely automatic. You just list your product and let us take care of all the hard work.

Can I use a different payment processor?

Right now, PayPal’s the only payment processor that has a chained payment API, so that’s the one we’ve got to use. We’d love to offer you a wider range of choices, and as soon as one of the other processors allow us give you your real-time payments, we’ll start work on integrating it.

I want to list a subscription product – can I do that?

Yes, though you’ll have to ask us about it. It needs some extra settings for your PayPal account, so just send an email to and ask about it and we’ll help you get set up.

Do I need my own sales page or can DigiResults host one for me?

No you don’t need your own sales page. DigiResults gives the vendor the option to use one of our own hosted sales pages if you do not have your own. Read more about hosted sales pages here.

Do you host my downloads for me? And how do you protect them?

Yes we do. DigiResults offers protected hosted downloads – for free.

For each product, you can upload one zip file of up to 20MB as a download. If your requirements are different (maybe you need a lot of different files, or if your file’s more than 20MB) then unfortunately we can’t do that yet – but we’re working on it!

Your hosted download is protected by our fraud security system. Each of your customers will receive a personal, unique download link, and if the sale is marked as fraudulent that link will be instantly nuked.

Now, if you’ve been in business for a while, you’ll know how much hassle customers who have lost their downloads can be. That’s why your hosted download pages don’t expire. If anyone asks, just give them their unique link. (Of course, if a customer gets a refund, their download page will vanish faster than a cold beer on a hot day.)

Of course, you’re welcome to host the downloads yourself if you prefer that. Simply choose the corresponding option in the product settings.

Can I set up upsells or one-time offers in DigiResults?

Yes you can. Your upsell is presented to your customers after the first purchase. You can choose any of your products which is listed on DigiResults as upsell for any of your other DigiResults products.
 Note this isn’t quite a true one-time offer – it won’t disappear after the customer clicked away from the upsell the first time.

Can I automatically add customers to a mailing list when they purchase my product through DigiResults?

Sure you can. In the settings of each product, you can enter the html optin form of your mailing list, and DigiResults will automatically enter your customers onto that list with their name and email address. They don’t need to “sign up” again.

It’s just as if the subscriber signed up on your website… same autoresponders, same welcome message, same subscription confirmation if you’re using double optin.

The only difference is we take care of it for you, to save you all the hassle.

Can I add download links to my customer emails?

Yes.  Including download links within your customer emails such as Thank You emails and Update emails, ensures your customers’ buying experience is as smooth as possible.  Furthermore, within Campaign Monitor and AWeber you are able to segment your customers by product, making it easier for you to send more targeted promotional emails to customers, ideal for special offers or new product launches.

To add download links to your emails you must first create a custom field to your subscriber list in AWeber or Campaign Monitor. For AWeber please click here for instructions or if you use Campaign Monitor you can find instructions here on how to to do this.  Once complete, all you need do within DigiResults is navigate to the edit product screen.  Then expand the “Autoresponder” section, select “Campaign Monitor” or “Aweber” from the dropdown, followed by the relevant subscriber list and the new field you created in either program.  And that’s it.

Can I pay affiliate commissions on all sales of my products, no matter to which product the affiliate referred a customer?

Absolutely. In fact, this is one of the core concepts of DigiResults, and affiliates really love it!

In short, it works as follows: Whenever an affiliate refers a prospect to any of your products, he’ll get credit

  • for all purchases of that referred customer
  • for any product of yours which is sold through DigiResults
  • for as long as the affiliate cookie stays in place

As an affiliate, you’ll be getting paid bonuses for sending good customers

And as a vendor, you’re going to find it a LOT easier to get affiliates when you mention the magic words “lifetime commissions”… ;-)

Can I set up freebies and squeeze pages with DigiResults, and the affiliates who send traffic to the squeeze page will get a commission on any resulting sales?

Of course.

You can simply set up a product for your freebie, and set the sales page in DigiResults to be your squeeze page, leaving out the ‘buy’ link. (If you don’t know how to set that up in your product settings, just contact support and we’ll be happy to assist you.)

Traffic sent by any affiliate will be tracked, and since DigiResults tracking is vendor-wide and affiliates get lifetime commission on all other sales from the same vendor, your affiliate will get credit on any resulting backend sales through DigiResults.

What is the Clickbank and PayDotCom integration?

You’ve sold your product on Clickbank or PayDotCom, and have existing affiliates there. You’d love to switch to DigiResults, but that would mean losing your affiliate force (or seriously annoying them when you change the payment platform).

But as usual, we’ve got you covered…

In your settings for each product, you can integrate an existing Clickbank or PayDotCom product setup (for the same product, of course).

Then, on your salespage, you remove the Clickbank or PayDotCom buy link and replace it with the DigiResults buy link.

What will happen is:

  • Affiliate A sends prospects through his DigiResults affiliate link. A prospect clicks on the buy link, and her purchase is processed through DigiResults. Affiliate A gets the DigiResults instant affiliate commission.
  • Affilite B sends prospects through her Clickbank (or PayDotCom) affiliate link. A prospect clicks on the DigiResults buy link, and we automatically note that this customer was referred through a Clickbank (or PayDotCom) affiliate link.
    We redirect the customer to Clickbank where he purchases through the normal Clickbank process. There are no DigiResults fees in this case, and the purchase is processed completely through Clickbank.
    (The same goes for PayDotCom.)
    Affiliate B will get her commission through Clickbank.

So, what you get is the best of all worlds:

Your existing Clickbank and PayDotcom affiliates can just go on promoting, and they won’t even notice a difference.

You can process your sales through DigiResults, and don’t need to maintain two separate salespages and sales funnels.

Simple. Easy. Completely painless.

I’m running a membership script or other custom software. How will my script be notified about a sale?

While the Paypal IPN (payment notification) needs to go to us to make sure the sales are processed correctly, we can pass on a similar notification with the details of each purchase to you.

Those notifications are called “Direct Receipts”. You can set up a URL to which we send them in the product settings.

The Direct Receipt information page explains the format in detail. Be warned, though – it’s a little bit techie. However, if you aren’t into programming yourself, your tech guy (or gal) will be able to integrate this very quickly.

We also have gone through the necessary integration steps for the most common membership scripts for you, so please shoot us a note if you have any questions.

What is “2nd tier”?

A 2nd tier system is a system where affiliates can refer other affiliates and get credit for the purchases those other affiliates refer.

So, how does that work?

Vendor V sells product X. Affiliate A is so happy with the product and the commissions it brings him, that he mentions it to his friend, affiliate B. Affiliate B also signs up as affiliate for vendor V’s products, and starts promoting product X. Since he used A’s referral link to sign up for V’s affiliate program, V pays a small 2nd tier commission to A for all sales which B refers.

For vendors, this means affiliates are encouraged to bring in even more people to promote your product
For affiliates, it means you’ve got yet another way of making money!

No affiliate ever has to buy the rights to promote a product. It’s simply a small sign of appreciation by the vendor towards his existing affiliate, since the vendor is happy to get a great new affiliate which he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to reach.

(As you know, word-of-mouth recommendations are the best you can get, right?)

How does the 2nd Tier system work in DigiResults

Quite simple: It works exactly as the standard affiliate commissions…

Once your 2nd tier program is set up, your affiliates will see a referral link for your product. They can then start to invite other affiliates to your affiliate program.

Whenever the referred affiliate gets a commission, the referring affiliate gets the product-specific 2nd tier commission for that product right into her paypal account, too.

Simple, easy, and makes a lot of people happy. :-)

I’d really love to have feature X in DigiResults, but I can’t find it here in the list…

Why don’t you simply ask us?

We add new features all the time – most of them based on customer feedback.

So if you feel feature X would be the coolest thing since a polar bear in sunglasses, chances are good other people would love it, too.

So, please tell us about it. We love to hear from you and get your feedback.

How is EPC calculated?

You are able to view your product’s EPC (Earnings Per Click) value on the DigiResults Marketplace.  For your affiliates, it is an important value because it is a clear indication of how profitable a product is.

It is also an important value for you because it should be no surprise the more profitable a product is, the more affiliates will want to promote it.  Consequently, you will make more money.

The EPC is calculated like this:

EPC = Total Affiliate Earning

           Total Affiliate Clicks

Although a simple calculation, it can be lowered by some of your affiliates performing badly.  We don’t think it’s fair your EPC is hurt by this, so we filter out any ‘bad’ data to provide you with a more realistic representation of your product’s profitability.  Aren’t we nice?

What are product categories used for?

Product categories are used to group similar products together on the DigiResults Marketplace.  This enables  both vendors and affiliates to easily filter products in the same category on the Marketplace e.g. E-business & E-marketing.  There are a number of options to choose from so make sure you choose the option which is most relevant to your product.

Importantly, product categories are also used to ensure the Digi Gold Label promotion emails are relevant to your customers.  Therefore, the more relevant they are…the more likely your customers will purchase a similar product and you will pocket a commission. For more information on the Digi Gold Label, please click here.

Where can I search for specific sales?

The dashboard search is a useful tool for locating any previous sale or payment records.  It is visible whenever you log into DigiResults.  You can search either by PayKey (e.g. AP-6KM28759RE1152910), Transaction ID (e.g. 60P42166B7524501W), Subscription Profile ID (e.g. I-5LX6R9CW96DD) or Customer PayPal Email Address (e.g.  So if you want to find a past sale, paste any of the above into the dashboard search and click search.  The record will then appear.