Broker commissions on DigiResults

DigiResults has 2nd tier commissions fully integrated. That means there’s whole new ways for you to make money, both as a vendor and an affiliate.

If you’re a vendor…

As well as lists of customers, most affiliates also have lists of other affiliates who they contact when they want someone to promote their products.

Having a 2nd tier affiliate program means you don’t just get affiliates promoting your product, you also get them promoting your affiliate offer.

Why you want it

Having 2nd tier gives them an incentive to promote your offer to their affiliate list, potentially getting thousands more affiliates to promote your product, and making you thousands more sales.

So, let’s say you’ve set a commission on 60% and 2nd tier commission of 10% on your products.

Alice is one of your affiliates and promotes your product. She also tells her friend Bob about your promotion, and refers him to your JV page through her special 2nd tier affiliate link.

Now Bob promotes your product as well. On any sales he makes, he gets commission of 60%, Alice gets commission of 10%, and you get the rest.

Because she gets a commission, Alice is going to promote your offer to everyone she knows…

Giving you a ton more affiliates, and a ton more sales.

Enabling 2nd tier

You can switch on 2nd tier commissions in the affiliate menu.

Go to Manage > Affiliate program

Scroll to the bottom of the screen, and tick the box marked “I would like to upgrade to 2nd tier membership”.

Click ‘Update Affiliate program’ and you’re done.

You’ll be able to set 2nd tier commissions individually for each product and variant, so if there’s any products you don’t want to offer 2nd tier commissions on, just leave it at 0 in the Edit Variant screen.

You can see details on how to set 2nd tier commission levels for each variant here.

Adding a JV page to your affiliate program

Affiliates will promote your program using your 2nd tier affiliate link.

When anyone clicks this link, they’ll be taken to your JV sign-up page. By default, this is the sign up page to your program in DigiResults:

Affiliate sign up page

However, if you have a dedicated website for your JV program, you can make anyone who clicks a 2nd tier link to your affiliate program be directed there instead.

To do this, go to Manage > Affiliate program

Scroll down until you see boxes for ‘JV invite page’ and ‘JV thank you page’. In these boxes, add your URLs.

JV links

You can also set up an autoresponder to build a dedicated list of your affiliates. We STRONGLY recommend doing this – building up a list of dedicated affiliates is vital to your success.

When you’ve added these details, click ‘Update Affiliate Program’.

The JV Widget

Adding the JV Widget to your JV sign-up page gives your affiliates a smooth ride through the sign up process.

You can find code to add the widget to your JV page in Manage > Affiliate program

JV widget code

Just copy and paste this code onto your JV page and your widget will be up and running.

Check out more details on the widget here.

If you’re an affiliate

So you’ve run a hot promotion and think your affiliate list should promote it too (especially if you get a cut!)?


Go to the Marketplace page in DigiResults and select the product from the list.

If the product has a 2nd tier affiliate program, you’ll see a link at the bottom of the screen:

2nd tier link

Just send that link out in your e-mail blast.

Anyone clicking it will be automatically redirected to the vendor’s JV sign-up page, and they’ll be cookied so you’ll get credit for every sale they make.