Autoresponder Integration

Integrating an autoresponder allows you to capture e-mail addresses from your buyers. You don’t NEED to do this to start selling – your customers will still be able to receive your product either from your thank-you page or DR-hosted download.

However, we STRONGLY recommend setting this up for every product. Capturing e-mail addresses allows you to keep in contact with your customers and offer more products to them later.

Setting up an auto responder

Your autoresponder has to be integrated separately for each product variant. This allows you to segment your list based on what variant of your product they bought, which is very useful if, for instance, you want to target the higher-price buyers with different affiliate offers, or set up an autoresponder to sell a high-tier licence to everyone who didn’t buy it the first time.

Go to Manage > Listings and select the listing that contains your product.

In the Products section, select the product you want to set up an autoresponder for.

Select product

You’ll be taken to the product page. From here, go to the Product Details section and select the variant.

Select variant

You can use any autoresponder with DR with a simple bit of copy and paste, but we’ve made the 3 most popular (AWeber, iContact and Campaign Monitor) super-easy.

Click on the ‘Edit’ button next to Autoresponder integration.

Autoresponder edit button

Select which autoresponder you want to use from the drop-down list. AWeber, iContact and Campaign Monitor have specific options; for anything else, just pick ‘Other’.

Select autoresponder

For AWeber, iContact and Campaign Monitor, you’ll be prompted to select what list you want the buyers to go onto, and (if available) any custom fields you want to use.

If you select ‘Other’ from the list, you’ll see a box to copy/paste your autoresponder form HTML into.

Other auto responder

Once you’ve selected your list or added your autoresponder form HTML, click ‘update variant’ and you’re done.

Remember you’ll need to do this for every variant of every product in your sales chain – these settings won’t carry over between variants or between products.