Get EPCs for the FULL sales chain for anything listed on DigiResults

Posted on March 26, 2012

We’re updating the way the marketplace is organised on DigiResults.

Instead of a list of products we’re going to convert it into LISTINGS.

Here’s the difference:

A LISTING shows the entire sales chain. Within each listing you’ll be able to have as many products as you choose, and statistics will be given for the whole sales chain…

So if you’re an affiliate, you’ll be able to see how the entire sales process is performing. No more gambling on upsells… you’ll be able to see in black and white how much money you’ll be making.

And if you’re a vendor, you’re going to be able to attract a lot more affiliates because they’ll see potential earnings for your whole process, not just the front-end.

If you’re putting a new product up on DigiResults, you’ll now create a listing for your sales chain and create any products within that listing.

It’s going to make the whole system easier for affiliates and more profitable for vendors.