Keep watching the skies…

Posted on March 9, 2012

Consider this your early warning…

Changes are afoot at DigiResults – we’re going to be revamping the whole product listing process to make it quicker, slicker and more intuitive.

We want to make DR the easiest place to list your product… we’ve got lots of plans of our own, but if you’ve got a great idea you’d like to share, let us know!

That’ll be rolled out in a few days…

But we haven’t spent the last couple of weeks twiddling our thumbs.

As well as laying a lot of the groundwork for the New Awesomeness, we’ve also:

- Upgraded our database servers so the whole site will run faster and smoother… you’ll get your data in an instant

- Changed the Product Report screen to make it simpler to manage large numbers of products… you’ve now got an at-a-glance list of your products and sales, and you can click on any product for more details.

Take a look for yourself