Get even more affiliates promoting for you

Posted on February 14, 2012

It happened again. DigiResults just got better.

We’ve pushed a load of new features to make your network even easier to use – check these out:

Working as a team just got easier… because now you can set an equity partner for any DigiResults product. Just set their ID and percentage and their share will be automatically sent to their PayPal account… no bureacracy, no hassle.

More details on equity partners

You just got a far larger affiliate pool… because now you can list the same product on JVZoo, Warrior Plus AND DigiResults and have it all dealt with through a single buy button. Wherever your affiliate came from, we make sure they get paid.

More details on bridging with JV Zoo
More details on bridging with Warrior Plus

Your stats just got better… because you can now use tracking codes to monitor your campaigns and discover which e-mails are poulling in the cash, whether you’re a vendor or an affiliate!

More details on using tracking codes

And affiliates just got easier to recruit… because you can add our JV widget to your JV page. It’ll tell them exactly where they are in the sign up process and make it as easy as possible to take the next step.

More details on using JV page widgets

Not only that, you can now cut down on your admin by having download links automatically added to your autoresponder, send direct receipts in PayPal format AND filter your affilate screen by a specific date range.

We’re adding new features all the time, so remember to check back here often!

- Neil