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Let me illustrate the importance of taking action.

A story of two friends

There were two young men who were very much alike. They shared similar views on life, had similar struggles and similar ambitions. Although they were very much alike, they were also very much different. When one of these two men told the other his plans to reach his dreams, the other man told him that it probably would fail and that he should just give up and do something else.

One day, while feeling down on his luck and almost ready to give up he kept searching for ways to earn money for a short while longer in spite of what his friend (and other people) told him and stumbled upon a site. Although he felt skeptical initially he decided to give it a try because he felt that he had nothing to lose. A few days later he found something in his email.

The young man couldn't believe it! He saw his first eCheck in his PayPal account when he had just gotten started. He told his friend the good news and tried to help him to make side income to support his dreams but sadly, his friend talked himself out of it telling him how it wouldn't be worth his efforts.

Although the young man was grateful to find an online income, soon afterrwards, this young man's ambition and curiosity made him hunger for more. But instead of giving up, he searched for more ways to earn money. After spending countless hours on searching for alternative ways to earn money online the young man thought to himself. 'No one who's trying to earn an income in an honest and decent way should have to spend hours online losing time, not earning a dime while searching, like I did.' And so he created a solution.

You can be like the one man, take action and eventually prove to yourself your own possibilities or you can be like the other man, doubt yourself before even getting started, give up without even trying and watch your hopes and dreams fade away into a distant memory while doing things you hate instead of getting paid for things you love.


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