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Ask yourself the following questions: ...

1. Are you tired of seeking content to keep your Facebook friends and followers active and entertained?.

2. Do you have several pages in Facebook and lack the time to publish high quality content?.

3. Do you realize that a video in Facebook cause more impact than a thousand words?.

4. Do you understand that is easier to win the lottery than keeping profiles, pages and groups in Facebook than fresh content daily?.

5. Would you like to call the attention of thousands or even millions of Facebook users so that you could win followers and likes in a natural way?.

6. It would be very good for your business to promote your website, services or products without breaking Facebook policies or bother friends, followers or Facebook groups or members of pages?.

7. If the answer to any of the previous questions is yes, then Faceube is the solution..


"What Is FaceUbe? ... "

FaceUbe(delivering serious results).

1. Faceube gives you the possibility of populating an unlimited number of accounts in facebook including timeline, pages, and groups either your own or groups where you have a membership. This wonderful tool seeks, collects an publish the best youtube videos using keywords, classified as popular, ratings, and view in all of the timelines, pages, and selected groups in each account added in the program.

2. Faceube is a desktop application developed to help you keep your friend and followers in Facebook entertained and active and at the same time to dramatically increase your business popularity and yourself exponentially. Achieving a bigger interaction with real prospects and a natural and accelerated grow of your business and your authority en the biggest social network of the world. ...

Faceube has three options:

1. The software collects, download the archive from youtube and upload the video in facebook.

2. The software collects the urls of the videos from youtube and publish the video in facebook using the url of the video for example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTEyAPvYNaI.

3. You can upload your own urls list of videos in text archive (one per line) and the software will publish videos using the url as the number 2 option.

In all options FacetUbe publishes the video including a custom description to promote your website/service/product or just a cool message...FaceUbe randomizes the description to make unique each one...

Faceube will publish literally according the schedule the best youtube videos in all of your accounts or your client’s accounts including all selected timeline, pages and groups.The publication process will be active while the software is running in your pc.For example, you can program the schedule of the whole week and leave the software to work for you while you enjoy of a deserve break..


What will you earn?

1. Being able to work for a targeted public

2. More free likes without paying publicity

3. More visitors to your site

4. More sales and bigger incomes

5. More popularity and authority in facebook

6. More satisfaction among friends and followers

7. No more writing notes, make videos or paying others for high quality contents

8. Barefoot and more time to share with your family and friends

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